Life Is In The Details

I have two young daughters. And while I am never far from my camera for whatever photo opportunity may arise, sometimes I forget about the litte things. The details that make what happened that day the perfect day, or a memorable day. That little tiny fingers grow daily and pretty soon those tiny fingers and hands no longer want to help out in the way they once had. Since I’ve gotten more and more involved into the photography world, I am more aware of taking these moments and documenting them. Years from now I will still have my memories but memories seem to hold stronger and longer when accompanied by photographs. Although there are moments when I place my camera to the side and just breathe and enjoy what is going on, it’s usually after at least a¬†short burst of photos. I feel that since I have had children the days go by faster than they ever have before. I sometimes look back before I had them and think “What did I do with all my time?” or “Why did I think I was so busy?”! And so for as long as I am able to, I will continue to leave photographic evidence of the life we have lived. So that even if my children and future family’s memories begin to become foggy, it will be my photographs that bring back the little details. The little details¬†that may not have seemed so important at the time, but truly make up our lives.

I Love Love! Dane & Jacqueline

I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed doing this shoot; not only shooting but editing as well. We visited the baseball field where Dane played with the Windsor Stars. Lucky us, with his connections, we were able to have the field unlocked for our use! These 2 are obviously so in love and needed very little prompting to kiss and express their love.¬† We lost the light earlier than I was expecting but it didn’t matter, we got some amazing shots and I am absolutely in love with them! ¬†

Friendship Through The Years

A ‘few’ years ago I went to highschool with these 3¬†beautiful ladies- they were best friends then and nothing has changed that! It doesn’t even look like they have aged any- all three are still so beautiful. I asked them to bring old photos from the years, grade school, high school, university and “life”.¬†The weather outside was less than co-operative but we had a¬†‘great backdrop’ of the student¬†center of the University which all 3 ladies have a special connection to.¬†¬†I enjoyed watching and listening to them as they reminisced and looked through their photos. I think they may have forgotten I was even there at times (which meant true candid laughter photos!) Reliving their memories made me go home and look through my own photos and memories with my own friends- it’s something¬†I don’t think we do often enough! Go ahead, go get out your photos and have a laugh!!

My First Blog!

My first blog!
Although my photographing days have been going on for a while now- I have yet, until now, to blog. Finally I sat down and decided to just start it up and at least get a base point. I’m excited about where the path of my life has been leading me over the last couple years- and I am lucky enough to have some great side kicks and supporters.
I am currently editing 3 sessions; a family, 3 best friends and an engagement. Some days I wish I could edit faster because I get so excited to be able to give my clients their photos!