Friendship Through The Years

A ‘few’ years ago I went to highschool with these 3 beautiful ladies- they were best friends then and nothing has changed that! It doesn’t even look like they have aged any- all three are still so beautiful. I asked them to bring old photos from the years, grade school, high school, university and “life”. The weather outside was less than co-operative but we had a ‘great backdrop’ of the student center of the University which all 3 ladies have a special connection to.  I enjoyed watching and listening to them as they reminisced and looked through their photos. I think they may have forgotten I was even there at times (which meant true candid laughter photos!) Reliving their memories made me go home and look through my own photos and memories with my own friends- it’s something I don’t think we do often enough! Go ahead, go get out your photos and have a laugh!!

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