The B Family

I come from a very big and loving family. My mother alone has 11 brothers and sisters (of which she is the 2nd youngest) which means many many aunts, uncles and cousins. Although the cousins ages span almost 50 years, the family bond and closeness is there. Christmas and family events were (and are) always fun and exciting over the years, each year adding new members and sometimes not recognizing current, quickly growing ones! Family reunions mean name tags for everyone!!
Even though there may be a ‘couple’ years between myself and my cousin, we have always been close. She was my sponsor for my confirmation in grade 8 (which was also only a “couple” years ago!) I love her dearly. I remember dancing the day she married the love of her life and thinking of my own future- I was still just a teenager.  She was there and part of my own wedding day.  She welcomed and loved my children. Perhaps one can say her path was a little different than my own but that never got in the way of our friendship.
Finally we were able to celebrate the blessing of a beautiful angel who they welcomed into their lives just over 2 years ago. It was a long awaited, much anticipated, wonderful time. We now have children who are just a few months apart in age and watching them together is a riot! I was very excited to be able to photograph them as a family, including their 4-legged child!
Mr Serious, as I like to call him, was more interested in marching and exploring but persistance won and I captured a smile on camera! (there were LOTS not on camera, but Mr Serious likes to take his role very seriously when it comes time for photos!
I’m sure you too can see the immense love this family has and know that I love them just as much!

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I specialize in birth photography and birth stories, with a strong base in love and family. I live to serve those in and surrounding Windsor/Essex County in Ontario, Canada. Check out more of my work at and or

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