Holiday Time

I’ve never been one to be able to get my Christmas shopping done early (or even start early!) and my holiday season usually entails last minute shopping, rushing through the crowds trying to get in and out as fast as I could. If I started my Christmas shopping before December 10th, it was an early, early start!!!  Although I love crowds, I must admit, and shopping like this appeals to me.  I like watching others as they go about their holiday season shopping, I love watching everything about people, their expressions, their clothes, their families, the smiles as they find the perfect present. Lucky for me, it doesn’t stress me out to be at the “dreaded mall” during the holidays. I don’t even mind parking at the back of the lot!
And although I love this type of shopping, my shopping strategy changed with the birth of my 2nd daughter. She was not due until January 2011, and as much as I protested against having her early, making her a December baby, no one apparently told her! She arrived on December 29, 2010 adding to my already full birthday month of December. (My father’s is the 14th and even more lucky, my husband is born on Christmas day!)
This event changed my shopping strategy as I now had one more event needing my attention during the Christmas happiness.  Even so, thinking of Christmas events during the month of October was something I never thought I would be doing! However, this year that is exactly what I did.  I had many inquiries about doing Christmas photoshoots, long before I was actively thinking about the holidays.  And so off I went to find Christmas props for my shoots and set them up in my home studio.
I must admit, that doing so has gotten me into the Christmas spirit much earlier and even looking forward to all the festivities. For the first time in my adult life, I have actively put on the radio channel playing Christmas music! Now I feel that Christmas is SO far away, but I’m in the mood!
I have another day of Christmas shoots but thought I would share some of these adorable little ones, it fills me with excitement to think about the joy and excitement they will be feeling on Christmas eve.

PS The handsome furry fella is my old boy Titan (he just turned 12!)


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One thought on “Holiday Time

  1. Thank you Clarissa for such an inspirational writing, I too am now getting the spirit of Christmas! I love the photo’s, babies seem to give us that loving fun filled feeling!

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