Baby Excitement!

My husband and I have been together for 12 years, since we were teenagers, which means I’ve grown up with his family and very much see them as family.  He has only 1 sibling, a brother who is a couple years younger than us. Since we have been together for so long, I have been present to watch his brother grow up for almost half of his life (eek!), so I have taken on a role of “big sister” and feel it in my heart.  I  have watched him grow through various stages in his life and clearly remember the moment at my own wedding when I met his girlfriend for the first time. Something about her was different and special, and whether that scared him or not, I don’t know, but I could tell he felt different about this “one”.  And more than 6 years later, this “one” is still special and I love her as a sister.

I have 2 daughters, and the only grandchildren for my in laws. I  did not think this was going to be changing anytime soon, so I was not prepared for the news earlier this year that he was going to be a father- it was the best surprise! (for us it was a surprise, not to them). Although it was unexpected to us, this was well planned and VERY well received and exciting!!!!  We went into planning mode shortly after finding out they were expecting and I have been enjoying doing a photographic series of her belly over the last few months (this is probably the hardest shoot as it is going to take 9 months to have a finished product!)

In September, they found out they were having a boy! My sister has 2 sons, so we have nephews however this will be the first “biological” nephew for my husband.  Our newest nephew is not due until February, but because of the holiday season and weather, the baby shower was planned for November.  Watching my brother and sister in law go through this journey has been very special for me. I can’t help but see him growing up before my very eyes. I am so very proud of both of them!

Here are just a couple details and shots from this sweet day.

Motorcycle Diaper Cake I made (Daddy to be has a bike!)


It was a Car theme shower- another diaper cake I made


Car theme Bum Cake (another hobby of mine) It’s hard to see but I made a ‘replica’ motorcycle of Daddy to Be’s (only his is blue)


It’s a lot harder to be in the photos, when you’re taking them! And it’s a lot harder to control the photo outcome, when you’re not taking them!
Myself and Mama to be

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4 thoughts on “Baby Excitement!

  1. Clarissa, I always enjoy looking at your photography. ~ These are amazing! You are so talented. Thanks for sharing them on Facebook.

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