The Big Reveal!!!

I recently had a very excited shoot.  My brother and his girlfriend were surprised when they found out they were expecting, but imagine how much more surprised and shocked they were when they were told it was natural TRIPLETS!

A baby is always a miracle, but when that miracle becomes 3 unexpected miracles, well that is awe-inspiring.  Up until this point, I hadn’t really done a gender reveal photoshoot.  I guess you could say “go big or go home” this time as this was a triplet gender reveal! I received the envelope just 24 hours before the shoot, enough time to allow me to prepare. But in all honesty, I did not look in the envelope until about 2 hours before the shoot. I didn’t want the potential of a ‘slip up’ and I also felt guilty being the person who knew for “so long” before anyone else- so I didn’t peak 🙂 I can’t describe to you the emotions and how I felt during this shoot.   For those of you who hadn’t heard of a Gender Reveal- the parents to be receive the sex of the baby (or in this case, the babies) and are not told during the ultrasound.  They then drop off the envelope to me and I coordinate a shoot to reveal to them what their baby (or babies!) are!  I am able to capture those first emotions for them to have forever, and of course, a cool way to announce to the world!DSC_6629-WEBDSC_6642b-copyDSC_6650-WEB


BABY A is a …….




DSC_6677 (1)

So much excitement…so many tears and there are still 2 to go!


The photo on the right makes me smile every time I look at it.  Through both of their tears and smiles and laughter (while looking at the ultrasound of the “girl parts”) I hear in a small confused voice  “I don’t know what I’m looking at!”



BABY B is a ………



ANOTHER GIRL!!!!  Dad’s reaction here was “Oh my! I’ve got 2 daughters! I’m in trouble!”



LAST BOX!!! BABY C is a…….




BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Dad got his Boy!!!!!!


DSC_6753-copy DSC_6750-copy


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