Heartbreaker Challenge

As some of you may know, as a “day profession” I am a registered veterinary technician and work at South Windsor Animal Hospital (www.southwindsoranimalhospital.ca)   We are a close knit group of co-workers and thoroughly enjoy taking part in various charity & fundraising events.  This year, some of my co-workers decided to take on the task of running in the Heartbreaker Challenge at Malden Park.  This event was put on my Windsor Regional Hospital and raised money for the Cardiac Wellness Centre and Pulmonary Rehab Program.  If any of you are familiar with obstacle events such as Tough Mudder, this was formed to be similar.  Participants had 15 obstacles throughout the race to overcome.   From giant mud pits to crawl through, muddy water ditches to trudge through (some areas the water was waist high!), walls to climb, tires to carry and more.  While I did not actively participate in the event, I went to photograph my co-workers (including my boss) and show my support (although I did not realize I would walk the length of the park 4 times and be up and down hills while following them- boy was I sore the next day!!)
I hope you enjoy some of my favourites!

Way to go everyone who participated in this awesome event!!!


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