The Triplets: 2 weeks new!

Its hard to believe how quickly time is passing and how amazing the babies are doing.  This week Baby J was moved from his isolet to a crib! That is a big accomplishment! And even more exciting, he was able to be put to mama’s breast and nurse on his own!  The girls are doingContinue reading “The Triplets: 2 weeks new!”

The Triplets: Week One

As some of you may know, my brother and sister-in-law recently welcomed triplets into their lives.  They were born at 31 weeks.  I was blessed and lucky enough to be present during the entire delivery to photograph their birth (although I am unable to post photos from this experience as they are wishing to keepContinue reading “The Triplets: Week One”

Mr C *~10 days new~*

Oh Mr C! He is the long awaited, much anticipated first baby for a sweet co-worker of mine.  Sometimes we question why life seems to be making it difficult for us, or why it might seem so easy for others and not for us.  And we continue on asking why?  And then one day weContinue reading “Mr C *~10 days new~*”

Happy Birthday Miss R!!

I remember Miss R being in her mama’s belly and bringing their sweet dog to see me at my clinic.  And I was so excited to meet her that her mama knew she couldn’t bring the dog without bringing the baby! (one of my favourite appointments to go into is one with not only aContinue reading “Happy Birthday Miss R!!”


I have worked at my veterinary clinic for more than 10 years (I started there young) 🙂  We are a tight bunch of co-workers, having less than 10 of us working closely every day.  Our sweet groomer had been talking about this prom- and I offered to shoot the preparation, beauty and excitement of theContinue reading “Prom!”

One Year Already! Mr E!

When my friend Lindsay and her husband got pregnant, I was ecstatic!  She was a gorgeous pregnant mama.  I will never forget the night that Lindsay went into labour- we were all at a friend’s wedding (of which the bride herself and many guests worked on the OB floor!).  Her dear sweet husband was convincedContinue reading “One Year Already! Mr E!”

First Communion- Congratulations Mr M!

I was invited to witness and capture a very special moment in a young Catholic’s life- the 1st Communion.  And although it was not allowed to take photos during the actual ceremony, we were able to capture the excitement and family love.  This young man was so wonderful- I hope that my children will growContinue reading “First Communion- Congratulations Mr M!”