The Triplets: 2 weeks new!

Its hard to believe how quickly time is passing and how amazing the babies are doing.  This week Baby J was moved from his isolet to a crib! That is a big accomplishment! And even more exciting, he was able to be put to mama’s breast and nurse on his own!  The girls are doing very well, they continue to be in their isolets, but I’m sure it will be no time before they “graduate”.  This week mommy and daddy were giving them all a bath and dressing them in their first real outfits.  They had to be quick during their weigh in and bath, they can’t be allowed to get too cold. It certainly was an experience (especially for daddy since this was his first time bathing them!) and it had it’s funny moments. They are certainly growing and thriving.

Big brother J is up to 4lbs 7oz!  (he was 3lbs 12oz at birth!)
Middle Sister E is up to 3lbs 5oz (she was 2lbs 13 oz at birth!)
And Little Sister E is up to 3lbs 11oz (she was 3lbs 3oz at birth!)

Wow!! I am so proud of mommy and daddy and their three little peas!!!A1-WEB-USE-Untitled-1-copy-2 A-1-WEB-Untitled-1-copy A-1-WEBUntitled-1-copy

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