The Triplets: Week Three










This week was the first week we were able to have a photo of all three being held together.  Luckily for their mom & dad, they had been able to hold them together prior to this, but never when I was there!   It also marked the first week of using any “props” during the shoot.  Jonathan was already out of his isolet, but the girls were still in them.  Elizabeth wasn’t too far behind being able to graduate to a crib!    One day, years down the road at her wedding this will make for an interesting, funny memory to retell at her wedding.  They started calling Miss Elizabeth “Cabbage” while she was in her isolet.   When they told me that she could “clear a room” I laughed and thought, how bad can a 3 week preemie smell?  Well, during this shoot, I found out!  I was in the other half of the “pod” (the NICU is divided into sections or “Pods”) and they opened the door to her isolet and within a few seconds it hit me. I said right outloud “That cannot be from Elizabeth” to which the reply was just laughter from her parents & the nurses.
All three are gaining weight quickly and although they all still have their feeding tubes, Elizabeth & Jonathan are also nursing and drinking from bottles!

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