The Triplets: Week 5

The babies are growing so quickly!  Now that the news has been more announced, I can write that baby Jonathan was discharged about 5 days earlier!  He passed his car seat test with flying colours and had been enjoying some “alone” time with mommy & daddy.  Although he still goes to the hospital everyday to visit his sisters and so his parents can be with all three.  Initially his parents were told that he would have to stay home and wouldn’t be allowed back in the NICU so I did not expect him to be at the hospital this week for this shoot!  I brought items for the girlies, but did not bring anything for Mr J.  Luckily they had a little white knit hat but he had grown so fast he barely fit in it!
Miss Elizabeth had now started hearing rumblings of the “D” word (discharge!).  I got lots of smiles from Miss Emily during our photos, perhaps because she knows they are all growing so quick and going to be home in no time!
This week a new baby “moved in” across from their pod and he was just about 3lbs.  And even though I witnessed and photographed these 3 little sweeties being born and then weekly since then, I looked at this teeny tiny little one and could not believe how tiny he was.  I had to actually say outloud “you guys were that tiny just a short time ago!!!)”.  I’m so happy that I have been able to document this time as it truly has been so fast that even just a few short weeks your memory begins to be fuzzy at exactly how big (or small) they were!


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