*~Zeus~* The World’s Tallest Dog

Recently over the weekend a fundraiser was held called “WOOFA ROO”.  It was an amazing event full of information, fun, entertainment and excitement.  The money raised went to animal charities such as The Windsor Essex County Humane Society.
I was honoured that I was asked to be part of this event and excited to be able to meet Zeus.  For those of you who don’t know, I am a full time working Registered Veterinary Technician.  So to be photographing, at an event geared towards animals, well that’s just like a big chocolate cake and tall glass of milk- awesome!
Zeus’ family is from Michigan, about 3 hours away from Windsor.  The event co-ordinator contacted them and asked if they would like to be part of this event and help raise money for the charities.  They accepted and on their way to Windsor they came.   The idea was that attendees could pay to have their photo taken with Zeus with 100% of the money going directly to the Humane Society (meaning neither I, nor the family received any portion of this money or any monies at all).  This was 100% donated services and time.  Before I met the family, I was already told how awesome they were.  However, that still didn’t “prepare” me for just how amazing they were.  Mother, Father, Daughter & Son came along with Zeus.  And I fell in love instantly.
Now, like I said, I am a Registered Vet Tech (RVT) and I have been working at my clinic for 11 years.  Nothing in my 11 years prepared me for what I was going to see when I saw Zeus- when I say he is the Worlds Tallest Dog, he truly is (really, he’s in the Guinness Book!)   And you think you’ve seen big dogs, until you’ve seen Zeus!  There were so many other Great Dane’s in attendance, even some Irish Wolfhounds and they all looked huge.  Until Zeus walked up.

So of course I need to address something that became an issue when Zeus was “crowned”  (World’s Tallest Dog last year)  by those around who took it upon themselves to make ignorant comments based upon zero knowledge and credentials.  His size.  He is huge.  But he is lean.  And in a world’ where obesity is an epidemic, not only among humans but animals too, we have become all too comfortable with seeing overweight pets.  In fact, when a dog that is considered a great body condition score, they are looked upon as “too skinny” or “malnourished”, when in fact, they are perfect.  It pains me when I hear about people “bragging” about how fat their dog or cat is or when the “fattest cat” is highlighted on a news report.  All dogs, but especially giant breeds should be kept at a normal body condition and weight for their health.  Giant breeds, such as Great Danes are at a higher risk of joint, spine and hip issues as they get older and any extra weight will only serve to exacerbate this problem.

Zeus is incredibly lucky to be part of this family.  He has the best veterinary care and is on an a very high quality diet (which I was very happy and impressed to hear).  Aside from his wonderful veterinary care and nutrition, he is the utmost loving family.

Zeus’ photoshoots were 1 hour each, twice each day (for a total of 4 hours).  When he needed a break, he took one.  When he needed a drink, he took one. And in between he slept like a baby.  Our number one concern was that Zeus remained comfortable and happy throughout the entire day.  And we completely succeeded.  My other concern was that I might have to turn lots of people away due to time constraints for the photos.  I am so pleased to say that this did not need to happen!  I shot just over 200 families/portraits during that 4 hours. (which is just over 1 minute on average per photo)  And we raised over $2000 for the Humane Society!!! How amazing is that!?!?

And I can assure you, this is not a post that is up for debate nor will I tolerate any ill-comments.  Thank you!!! Clarissa-Marie-Photography-Andrea-Broughton-copy Clarissa-Marie-Photography-Diane-Bevan-copy Clarissa-Marie-Photography-Donna-Hicks-copy Clarissa-Marie-Photography-Mary-Serdachny-copy

My parents, my father is also 6’4″!!!!!



CORALAINA-copy DSC_7673-copy
My oldest daughter, who is almost 6, reaching up to touch Zeus on his back!!                                                        Zeus’ dad was kind enough to take this photo of myself, my husband, oldest daughter and our Shep/Husky

Mila & Eva Are One!

Last year, Mila & Eva were my first set of newborn multiples.  I was nervous and excited.  They were beautiful dolls! (and up to that point, they were the smallest babies I had ever photographed).  Shortly after they were born, their parents work took the family half way around the world and I thought I might never see them again.  Until this year, when their parents contacted me and said they were coming home for a visit and would love it if I could photograph them once again.  How exciting and what an honour!  Of course, logically speaking, they were obviously going to be bigger.  But the mind is a funny thing and I think I half expected them to be tiny little newborns still!  But they were full-of-life-and-love toddlers!  Staying true to herself, according to her parents, Mila was cautious and took the time to inspect and watch me before opening up.  Eva, on the other hand, was excited and ready to be silly and explore!
These two are just so precious and I hope that perhaps next year, I will get to see them again!   Safe travels!!! WEB ONLINE USE Mila & Eva Are One! 2013 (2)

I am going to say that I think there may be no other connection like that of multiples.  You can see the bond and it is clear and strong.

WEB ONLINE USE Mila & Eva Are One! 2013 (3) WEB ONLINE USE Mila & Eva Are One! 2013 (14) WEB ONLINE USE Mila & Eva Are One! 2013 (16) WEB ONLINE USE Mila & Eva Are One! 2013 (18)


WEB ONLINE USE Mila & Eva Are One! 2013 (26)

Silly Eva, she kept wrapping herself in the blanket and “spying on us”!



WEB ONLINE USE Mila & Eva Are One! 2013 (27)

The Car That Love Built

Over the past year, I have had the pleasure to photograph all the milestones for a sweet little boy named Isaac.  From maternity to newborn all the way through the first year.  To put in plainly, his family is awesome.  So when I was asked to photograph his grandma & grandpa and the car that they built, of course I was excited.  And once I met them, I realize just where Isaac’s family’s “awesomeness” derived from.  Tom and Mary are a beautiful couple and it was so endearing to watch the love between them.   I never would have guessed, if I didn’t already know, that these two were “old enough” to be grandparents. Of course, now that I met Mary, I can certainly tell where her two daughters natural beauty comes from! Wow what a beautiful woman!  And Tom, well, he was just so adorable!  There were times that it felt like I was photographing an engagement session, new, young love.  I can only hope that my own marriage and love can be so strong and evident after 30 years of marriage!

I am always in awe over the talents of others, especially when it comes to a subject that I know very little about.  To me, building a car falls into that category!  This car was just as awesome and beautiful as the people that built it.  But I guess that is what happens from love, everything associated with and from it becomes beautiful.
WEB ONLINE USE Mary & Tom Chaborek July 14 2013 (4) WEB ONLINE USE Mary & Tom Chaborek July 14 2013 (5) WEB ONLINE USE Mary & Tom Chaborek July 14 2013 (6) A-DSC_5066-WEB