*~Zeus~* The World’s Tallest Dog

Recently over the weekend a fundraiser was held called “WOOFA ROO”.  It was an amazing event full of information, fun, entertainment and excitement.  The money raised went to animal charities such as The Windsor Essex County Humane Society. I was honoured that I was asked to be part of this event and excited to beContinue reading “*~Zeus~* The World’s Tallest Dog”

Mila & Eva Are One!

Last year, Mila & Eva were my first set of newborn multiples.  I was nervous and excited.  They were beautiful dolls! (and up to that point, they were the smallest babies I had ever photographed).  Shortly after they were born, their parents work took the family half way around the world and I thought IContinue reading “Mila & Eva Are One!”

The Car That Love Built

Over the past year, I have had the pleasure to photograph all the milestones for a sweet little boy named Isaac.  From maternity to newborn all the way through the first year.  To put in plainly, his family is awesome.  So when I was asked to photograph his grandma & grandpa and the car thatContinue reading “The Car That Love Built”