The Car That Love Built

Over the past year, I have had the pleasure to photograph all the milestones for a sweet little boy named Isaac.  From maternity to newborn all the way through the first year.  To put in plainly, his family is awesome.  So when I was asked to photograph his grandma & grandpa and the car that they built, of course I was excited.  And once I met them, I realize just where Isaac’s family’s “awesomeness” derived from.  Tom and Mary are a beautiful couple and it was so endearing to watch the love between them.   I never would have guessed, if I didn’t already know, that these two were “old enough” to be grandparents. Of course, now that I met Mary, I can certainly tell where her two daughters natural beauty comes from! Wow what a beautiful woman!  And Tom, well, he was just so adorable!  There were times that it felt like I was photographing an engagement session, new, young love.  I can only hope that my own marriage and love can be so strong and evident after 30 years of marriage!

I am always in awe over the talents of others, especially when it comes to a subject that I know very little about.  To me, building a car falls into that category!  This car was just as awesome and beautiful as the people that built it.  But I guess that is what happens from love, everything associated with and from it becomes beautiful.
WEB ONLINE USE Mary & Tom Chaborek July 14 2013 (4) WEB ONLINE USE Mary & Tom Chaborek July 14 2013 (5) WEB ONLINE USE Mary & Tom Chaborek July 14 2013 (6) A-DSC_5066-WEB

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