Waiting for Baby B

About a month ago I was driving down Walker Road towards Harrow and I drove by this fantastic field just filled with these gorgeous purple flowers.  I instantly thought to myself “I must take at least 1 photo in this field”.  My dear cousin Cheryl is expecting her 3rd baby and so I contacted her as soon as I got home that day and asked if she would be willing to do a mini maternity session and willing to take a little trek through the field.  She said yes and we made a date!  There was a driveway which I thought we could park in and get to this beautiful meadow but when we arrived, we were greeted with 2 foot trenches made by 4 wheelers that were completely filled with water and no way to get through, around or past them.  I was bummed.  So I said “want to take a hike?” and she said she was game.    We parked on the side of the road and she asked “there are no snakes here right?” to which I replied “nah, don’t worry” and we crossed through the ditch and into the field. I pioneered the way to make a path (the trees, bushes and flowers were waist high)  We found a lovely spot and we began shooting.

In a perfect world, I would have loved for the day to be overcast and not so bright and sunny, but alas, I cannot control the weather! (who knew!).  I will say I have never seen bees SO BIG as the ones in this field!   We finished our shoot and made our way back to the car.  I again led the way, this time at least I had some sort of path to follow.  It was during this trek back that I noticed there were praying mantis’ EVERYWHERE! All varying shades of green and brown.   We finally made our through the field, through the ditch and I was just about to step onto the gravel when what should I see beside my foot?  A snake! Now I have no issues with snakes, but I calmly directed my dear cousin to the right.  At first, she was compliant and continued on the way but then said “why did you tell me to go there???  Oh my was there a snake!!!!?!??!?!” I tried to hide it, but in the end she knew the reason.  At least I was the one who led the way so she didn’t see it!! 🙂
It was an adventure and we both had a great time and in the end, I came home with some beautiful photos and a lasting memory for both my cousin and I. (and a funny story to tell little sweet pea one day when he’s older!) A Untitled-1 DSC_8039b DSC_8056 DSC_8057 DSC_8116b



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I specialize in birth photography and birth stories, with a strong base in love and family. I live to serve those in and surrounding Windsor/Essex County in Ontario, Canada. Check out more of my work at www.facebook.com/clarissamariephotography and www.instagram.com/clarissamariephotography.birth or www.instagram.com/clarissamariephotography2507

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