Welcome to the World Brayden *~12 days new~*

Brayden’s mom and dad contacted me a few months before their little new man was set to make his arrival.  Last August was a busy month for newborns, and this year followed suit!  I’d like to say that Brayden’s now blessed with a wonderful birthdate and shares that day with some pretty awesome people, including myself! 🙂  When his parents arrived, I was not expecting the shocking load of hair this little man had! I think my 2 1/2 year old has just slightly more hair.  Along with his amazing hair, he had the most adorable cheeks. I seriously could squish them all day long!.
Whenever I am preparing for a newborn session I always have an ‘idea’ of how things will go that day and sometimes it plays out that way and sometimes it doesn’t.  And this is cool! I expect to go with the flow and these sweet little newborns are absolutely my boss!
And my sweet little Brayden was certainly my boss for the day- he was so good.  He was such a snuggly sweetheart who had his own agenda as to which set ups he wanted to do and even put himself into some wonderful poses! (it was like he knew what to do with his adorable hands!)  Speaking of hands, this little guy had hands down (haha) the cutest hands ever!!!  I think I took a dozen photos of his chubby hands. I even said to the parents he had such “boy hands” already and I could see his chubby little boy fingers full of dirt playing in the yard building a fort.  I frequently get these little “flashes” of the “future” when I see babies (even when I was pregnant of my own children before we knew they were girls) and it always makes me smile. I really enjoyed meeting his awesome parents and wish them all the best with their beautiful family!!

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Who doesn’t LOVE adorable baby smirks????

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