Big Brother is ready….

Recently I met a wonderful family, in fact, a gorgeous family.  With mama’s due date quickly approaching they wanted to have some family photos captured before the newest addition arrived.  And it also happened to be their wedding anniversary- so what a better way to remember this exciting time, family, new baby on the way and the celebration of love.
Big brother was unbelievably adorable.  He had just attended his first day of JK that day, so he was understandably tired and at first wasn’t too interested in having photos done.  We let him have some quiet time while I captured his beautiful parents and pretty soon he was wanting to be in the photos.  It also didn’t hurt that we “found” a little wild bunny hopping down the trail that we named “One Direction”.  (If you look close, you can see “One Direction”  in some of the photos!).  Now “One Direction” stayed for almost the entire shoot and of course, he had asked us to have big brother be really quiet and smile a lot for his photos so he wasn’t scared away.   And Mr L did just that!  He was so cute! And as we neared the end of our shoot he really started to turn on the super adorable charm.  It is obvious that this little boy is a genuine sweetheart, without prompting he began hugging and kissing “his’ baby….melt my heart!!!

I wish this family the best of luck with their new little one and their crazy-gorgeous family!

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