Shawn & Melanie Take The Next Step *~E-Session~*

Listening to these two talk, it appears the last 6 weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind of crazy.  They contacted me shortly after Shawn popped the question and we booked the session right away.   I have known Shawn through mutual friends for a few years, he has a strong dedication to health andContinue reading “Shawn & Melanie Take The Next Step *~E-Session~*”

Happy Half Birthday Miss A *~6 months~*

  When Miss Avery arrived at my studio, the first thing I noticed was her most wonderful eyes.  She just has the prettiest eyes and the cutest cheeks!  And although it took me a bit, I finally got to see she had the greatest smile too! She was determined to give me her blue steelContinue reading “Happy Half Birthday Miss A *~6 months~*”

Preston ~*Senior Grad Shoot*~

I was first introduced to a member of this family many years ago when one of my best friends was a Big Brother.  I feel I have watched this “Little Brother” grow from a little child to a wonderful young man, who has been a wonderful example to his younger brother, respectful, honourable, intelligent, winningContinue reading “Preston ~*Senior Grad Shoot*~”