Shawn & Melanie Take The Next Step *~E-Session~*

Listening to these two talk, it appears the last 6 weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind of crazy.  They contacted me shortly after Shawn popped the question and we booked the session right away.   I have known Shawn through mutual friends for a few years, he has a strong dedication to health and fitness (I think he might be a machine when it comes to working out!) and he has a great way of making people laugh (if you saw the silly faces during our session, you would instantly understand!).    Just a few weeks prior to our session, Shawn was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia.  I know what I thought when I heard it, I can imagine what they were thinking.  With the thought of the what could be to come, procedures, chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants, they decided they wanted to have their session done before this potentially started.   And I was only happy to be able to do this with them.  I had yet to meet Melanie, until our session and I almost felt like I was an intruder on their love during the photos!  Their love and affection was intoxicating and refreshing.  Nothing would or could stand in their way.  And although they have yet to officially declare their vows, these two are already living the vow of “in sickness and in health” as they support each other and love each other.
I believe that love is a very powerful healing tool.  Love has the power to make us forget.  Forget that the world can be a scary place.  Forget that life can throw shocking curve balls.  Forget that sometimes we can fall victim to “what ifs” and “should haves”.  Love also has the power to make us remember.  Remember that we have those around us that help us up to be the best that we can be.  Remember that we have those around us that live their lives to be in our company.  Remember that no matter what or how we feel, the feeling of love will overpower all else.
And I can see that love with these two.  I look forward to their wedding and the future.

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Happy Half Birthday Miss A *~6 months~*


When Miss Avery arrived at my studio, the first thing I noticed was her most wonderful eyes.  She just has the prettiest eyes and the cutest cheeks!  And although it took me a bit, I finally got to see she had the greatest smile too! She was determined to give me her blue steel look through most of the shoot, so serious and so cute.  I certainly saw the smile in her eyes, I think she was withholding it on purpose, as if she was laughing at me! It was when I laid her down on her back that I finally got to see her amazing smile.  She laughed and smiled the entire time!
I’ve had some not so happy goings-on within my own family and it brought a smile to my heart and face when I would sit down to edit her session.  How can someone not feel their heart swell when looking at this sweetheart?  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting her mom and dad and of course, little Miss.  I hope to photograph her again in the future, she was such a pleasure!

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Preston ~*Senior Grad Shoot*~

I was first introduced to a member of this family many years ago when one of my best friends was a Big Brother.  I feel I have watched this “Little Brother” grow from a little child to a wonderful young man, who has been a wonderful example to his younger brother, respectful, honourable, intelligent, winning awards and accolades. 
When I was asked to photograph his younger brother in honour of his graduation I was excited.  And when I met Preston, I not only can see that he looks like his older brother but he has the confidence, respectful manner and maturity that his brother has.  Maturity beyond what years he has been here.   I was unbelievably impressed with this young man (and since I’m not “very old” that statement seems weird writing!).  I had to remind myself that this was a young man who had graduated not of high school but of elementary school!  His answers to my casual questions were well thought, articulate and seemed mature beyond his years.  His mother must be extremely proud of all of her boys, a true testament to her love and her nurturing that has raised them.  Not only is it clear this young man is going places (already striving to lead down the medical path) but his physical and athletic finesse is impressive.  Speaking with his mother, he has had a hand (or foot) in a vast variety of sports and been extremely successful in any he has tried;  travel soccer, badminton, university level volleyball…the list goes on! 
And on top of all of these impressive attributes, he is quite handsome!  Without meaning to offend many of my friends I have had since elementary school, I don’t remember the boys looking like or having this kind of style! Look out world, Preston is on his way!  Lastly, I must also congratulate his mother on such an amazing job!!!
Congratulations Preston!  A-DSC_1643-copyB-WEB  A-Untitled-1-copyA-DSC_1666-WEB