Preston ~*Senior Grad Shoot*~

I was first introduced to a member of this family many years ago when one of my best friends was a Big Brother.  I feel I have watched this “Little Brother” grow from a little child to a wonderful young man, who has been a wonderful example to his younger brother, respectful, honourable, intelligent, winning awards and accolades. 
When I was asked to photograph his younger brother in honour of his graduation I was excited.  And when I met Preston, I not only can see that he looks like his older brother but he has the confidence, respectful manner and maturity that his brother has.  Maturity beyond what years he has been here.   I was unbelievably impressed with this young man (and since I’m not “very old” that statement seems weird writing!).  I had to remind myself that this was a young man who had graduated not of high school but of elementary school!  His answers to my casual questions were well thought, articulate and seemed mature beyond his years.  His mother must be extremely proud of all of her boys, a true testament to her love and her nurturing that has raised them.  Not only is it clear this young man is going places (already striving to lead down the medical path) but his physical and athletic finesse is impressive.  Speaking with his mother, he has had a hand (or foot) in a vast variety of sports and been extremely successful in any he has tried;  travel soccer, badminton, university level volleyball…the list goes on! 
And on top of all of these impressive attributes, he is quite handsome!  Without meaning to offend many of my friends I have had since elementary school, I don’t remember the boys looking like or having this kind of style! Look out world, Preston is on his way!  Lastly, I must also congratulate his mother on such an amazing job!!!
Congratulations Preston!  A-DSC_1643-copyB-WEB  A-Untitled-1-copyA-DSC_1666-WEB

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