Happy Half Birthday Miss A *~6 months~*


When Miss Avery arrived at my studio, the first thing I noticed was her most wonderful eyes.  She just has the prettiest eyes and the cutest cheeks!  And although it took me a bit, I finally got to see she had the greatest smile too! She was determined to give me her blue steel look through most of the shoot, so serious and so cute.  I certainly saw the smile in her eyes, I think she was withholding it on purpose, as if she was laughing at me! It was when I laid her down on her back that I finally got to see her amazing smile.  She laughed and smiled the entire time!
I’ve had some not so happy goings-on within my own family and it brought a smile to my heart and face when I would sit down to edit her session.  How can someone not feel their heart swell when looking at this sweetheart?  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting her mom and dad and of course, little Miss.  I hope to photograph her again in the future, she was such a pleasure!

!    DSC_2069-copyDSC_2175-copyDSC_2155-copy  A-Untitled-1-copyDSC_2063-copyDSC_2210-copyB-copy

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