The R Family

When I met my husband in our early years of high school, I gained a new group of friends.  Lucky for me, my best friends had also found their way within this new group of friends and we became one large group of fun.  One of my husbands best friends also happened to be hisContinue reading “The R Family”

Photos For Gramma!

I spent an afternoon with 4 handsome guys as we took photos as a present for their grandmother. I asked that the three older boys brought an item that was a representation of who they were.  Two of the boys are very talented musicians  and the other was a skilled table tennis player. There “tools”Continue reading “Photos For Gramma!”

Holiday Mini Marathon

This year I hosted my Christmas Holiday mini sessions outdoors and opened them up to the whole immediate family.  I was very lucky to be privy to a private location to provide a variety of set ups to my clients.  And we were so lucky to have such wonderful weather on the days the miniContinue reading “Holiday Mini Marathon”

The S Family

Back in August I was a photographer and vendor during the Woofa Roo Pet Festival.  I photographed people with Zeus the World’s Tallest Dog as well as having my own booth at the festival.  While there I had decided to raffle off a shoot with the proceeds going to charity as well.  I had oneContinue reading “The S Family”

The B Family

I have a large family, which some of you may know.  My mother is from a family of 12 and she is #11.  I have more than 70 cousins on my mother’s side alone!  One of the best things is that for such a large family, we are still fairly close and familiar.  Do weContinue reading “The B Family”

Mr I and His Family

Once again, Mr I brought his family to Windsor to see me and once again, I was thrilled to see them again.  I have children, I have nieces and nephews and I see how quickly they grow.  But it always amazes me to see my clients and how quickly they grow!  My youngest daughter isContinue reading “Mr I and His Family”