The R Family

When I met my husband in our early years of high school, I gained a new group of friends.  Lucky for me, my best friends had also found their way within this new group of friends and we became one large group of fun.  One of my husbands best friends also happened to be his cousin (so obviously they have been close their whole life).  So it was a natural transition from friends to dating for us and I didn’t have to go through meeting all the family or friends! This means that I have been friends with Mr R for quite a “few” years now and since he and his wife met and began dating in high school as well, I have also known Mrs R for almost an equal amount of time.  And we are family.  We are lucky.  We’ve grown up and with each other over these last “few” years and it was exciting to know and hope that our children would grow up with each other just as their dads had.
Mr E is an independent little guy (I just can’t imagine where he gets this!) and when he was on a mission, he was on a mission!  His adorable little sweater just completed his little man look and I loved it! We even had some deer photobomb our session, which was very exciting for me! WEB ONLINE USE Revait-Family-Oct-27-2013-(6)-copy WEB ONLINE USE Revait-Family-Oct-27-2013-(11)-copy WEB ONLINE USE Revait-Family-Oct-27-2013-(14)-copy WEB ONLINE USE Revait-Family-Oct-27-2013-(16)-copy WEB ONLINE USE Revait-Family-Oct-27-2013-(19)-copy WEB ONLINE USE Revait-Family-Oct-27-2013-(21)-copy WEB ONLINE USE Revait-Family-Oct-27-2013-(23)-copy WEB ONLINE USE Revait-Family-Oct-27-2013-(28)-copy WEB ONLINE USE Revait-Family-Oct-27-2013-(30)-copy


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I specialize in birth photography and birth stories, with a strong base in love and family. I live to serve those in and surrounding Windsor/Essex County in Ontario, Canada. Check out more of my work at and or

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