Beautiful Mama Jennifer

When I found out these two initially were not going to have a maternity session my first instinct was what!? Are they crazy? 🙂 Of course, I know that belly photos aren’t for everyone but I am a strong believer (now that I have 2 children) that there will come a time that you WILLContinue reading “Beautiful Mama Jennifer”

Meet Mr A *~17 days new~*

I was a little surprised to hear the news of another baby in our family when our cousins announced they were expecting again.  They have two sons already who are teenagers, which may be why they wanted another sweet baby in the house.  Perhaps they wanted something cute and snuggly that sometimes smelled funny, ratherContinue reading “Meet Mr A *~17 days new~*”

Miracles Come In Threes

As some of you may already know, my brother and sister in law welcomed three new little lives into this world in the summer of 2013.  You can say we were pretty surprised to hear they were pregnant and to say we were shocked to hear there were three is an understatement!  Up until thisContinue reading “Miracles Come In Threes”

Miss A turns TWO!

This is the third time I have photographed Miss A and she just keeps getting cuter!  She turned two this year and brought me a “new present” when she came to her shoot: her new baby brother!  I was very excited to finally meet him (he is 3 months old now!) as they live aContinue reading “Miss A turns TWO!”

Tiny Footprints Project: Baby E & O *~18 days new~*

I am blessed and honoured to be part of The Tiny Footprints Project which offers my time and services to families who have babies in the NICU.  When I do a typical newborn session, it is done within the first 14 days of their new little lives.  However parents of babies born prematurely aren’t oftenContinue reading “Tiny Footprints Project: Baby E & O *~18 days new~*”