Meet Mr A *~17 days new~*

I was a little surprised to hear the news of another baby in our family when our cousins announced they were expecting again.  They have two sons already who are teenagers, which may be why they wanted another sweet baby in the house.  Perhaps they wanted something cute and snuggly that sometimes smelled funny, rather than only big and usually smelled funny! 🙂

I was very excited. And watching her teeny little belly grow was fun! (I even managed to persuade her to trek through a field of waist high flowers, shrubs and bushes in the county to get a belly shot in the beautiful patch of purple wildflowers- all while completely standing by my statement there were absolutely no snakes in the field).

Little Mr came shortly before Christmas- and what a Christmas gift he is! He is so adorable.  His cheeks and his lips – well I could just kiss them all day!  I had one of the photos canvassed as a present to my cousins and when it arrived, I almost decided to keep it for myself in my studio!

So to little Mr: You might be close or even more than the 50th Great-grandchild in the family, but you will come to know that even with a family this large, we are close. And loving. And we were shown the best, from the best, your great-grandmother.  And even though she has passed, you will certainly come to know her and the love that she instilled in this big, crazy, sometimes nutty family.

Welcome to THE family Mr A. Welcome.

A DSC_6501 copy DSC_6471 copy DSC_6480 copy DSC_6481 copyB DSC_6493 copyB

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2 thoughts on “Meet Mr A *~17 days new~*

  1. Yes Clarissa, our family is truly blessed with all of us so close and loving. I’m very proud of the work that you do on all the photos that I see. Thank you again for bringing such a treasure to Cheryl. Love you ❤ Aunt Janet

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