Mr C ~*8 weeks new*~

If you’ve ever contacted a professional photographer to inquire about newborn photos, you likely received a response about the photos being done between 4-12 days of life.  There are multiple reasons for this which include they typically sleep better and can be posed into those adorable poses you see and love.  And so it is not often that I see babies who are between 1 month and 5 months.  When I scheduled Mr C in, mom wanted some detail shots and shots with her.  She and I both hoped for some “sleepy shots” but would go with the flow of the session.  Mr C had big beautiful eyes, which I got to see for the first half of the session.  Mom and baby both had some adorable moments together, both big smiles and bright eyes.  I even got lots of smiles! Mom said I seemed to be able to get the most smiles from him out of anyone so far 🙂
And then little Mr had a “snack” and went right to sleep! And we got our sleepy shots! He was so chubby and cute and I loved his session!
I forgot how quickly they grow.  That is, until I placed him on my newborn bed.  It really showed me how much these sweet little ones grow in just 2 short months!

And mom and I have something in common: we’re both Registered Veterinary Technicians and we even were in school together 0(although a year apart).  How cool!

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As an updated note, receiving a message or email from parents after a session is one of the most exciting and heartwarming times.
When I hear about a family loving their photos it brings the biggest smile to not only my face but my heart!  I’m human, just as we all are, and of course always have a moment of apprehension or anxiety “Will they love their photos?”.  Just because we’re professionals or we do this “all the time” doesn’t mean we’re excluded from the fear of rejection or immune to the potential of rejection!  And so we love, I love, getting emails like this:

OMG!  These pictures are gorgeous!  Thanks so much as they are beautiful and so perfect.  I’m so glad I found you and that I decided to have the pics done even though he was 8 weeks.  I got my sleeply shots, mom and baby shots and baby shots.

Thanks once again



**Adorable pants & suspenders & bowtie from June Bug Boutique **

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