Little Miss A ~*5 days*~

I was blessed to have photographed Miss A’s big brother just a short 20 months ago.  In true “Clarissa Marie Photography newborn girls of 2014” fashion, she came earlier than her expected due date.

Their mom and dad are close friends to my husband and I.  In fact, Daddy and I have been friends since kindergarten! Oh the memories we have!  Little Mr is a spittin’ image of mama’s side of the family, but seems to have daddy’s personality. It’s so cute.  So when I got to meet little Miss A, I was excited to see who she might resemble.  And in my opinion, she looks JUST like Daddy’s side of the family! Mr looks like Mama and Miss looks like Papa! And yet funny thing is, little Mr and Little Miss look just like each other!

At just a sweet 5 days fresh (oh super fresh) we all thought Miss A would be a walk in the sleeping park! And yet…..she was WIDE awake.  For TWO hours.  Seriously, not a droopy eye for 2 hours.  She was fed (multiple times), warm (trust me it’s warm in here!) and snuggly and just WIDE EYED.  Mom and Dad couldn’t believe it. She hadn’t been awake for more than 30 minutes in her sweet 5 days and she was awake for two hours for me.  But even still, she was an angel.  Although she was awake, she was calm and just staring.  In fact, she was so intense with her stare, that I really felt she could see and was watching me and my every move.  My magic finally worked and she fell asleep.  So we got the best of both worlds, an abundance of wide-eyed shots and sleepy shots! I love it!

And she was so teeny- I think almost 2lbs smaller than big brother! I could have snuggled her all day (in fact, I think I did mention to keep her) 🙂

At the end of my session, my daughters came home and were thrilled to be able to see her.  Both wanted to hold her and the did just that!  We were slightly apprehensive about letting my just over 3 year old hold her by herself, but she is such a momma-girl, she was a natural!

I love this!


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DSC_9782-copy b-copy-2

She was so proud!!!                                                                                                                                                   Seriously, can you believe she is only 5 days old???

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