Baby Bump! ~*34 weeks*~

Ever notice that as time goes on, those who were younger than you, all of a sudden are the same age as you?  That is exactly how I feel when I think of my brother and sister!  I am the oldest of three, myself, my brother and then our baby sister. As you may know,Continue reading “Baby Bump! ~*34 weeks*~”

Miss A ~*7 days fresh*~

I have known Miss A’s mama since she was just a little girl and friends with my little sister.  And, through the magic of facebook, I have been able to watch her grow as a mother and see her beautiful first daughter grow into an adorable preschooler.  Her oldest daughter, Miss F, is the mostContinue reading “Miss A ~*7 days fresh*~”

Mr C & His Fans

I was contacted by Mr C’s very proud Auntie who asked if I could photograph her and her siblings along with her nephew.  I was told he really liked Hockey.  Boy was that an understatement!  He was only 2 years old and yet had more knowledge and what appeared to be natural talent than manyContinue reading “Mr C & His Fans”

Miss Z ~*9 days fresh*~

I saw this little sweetheart the following day after Miss E.  While Miss E came in weighing a whopping 5 1/2 lbs, Miss Z was born almost 9 lbs,  9 days earlier.  So to say there was a difference is an understatement.  But she was SO incredible adorable.  I seriously wanted to kiss her chubbyContinue reading “Miss Z ~*9 days fresh*~”

Miss E ~*5 days fresh*~

At the request of the parents, I am not going to post a “back story” to this little darling.  What I will say is that she ROCKED her session. Seriously ROCKED it.  We essentially were done within the first hour (woah, what!?) but she was so dreamy that I couldn’t stop.  So I then beganContinue reading “Miss E ~*5 days fresh*~”

Miss H ~*7 days fresh*~

I was excited to have yet another newborn girl scheduled in the books and mama was excited  knowing that all but one of my girls had arrived early this year.  When I got word that Miss H made her arrival a week early I laughed, especially when I got the “Thank you” from her mama!Continue reading “Miss H ~*7 days fresh*~”

All in the family *~Cousins~*

I’ve seen a saying that cousins are you first friends; and for my family and children, it seems to hold true. I recently went out to photograph a family at the grandparents home around Easter time when they were all together.  Part of the family lives out of Province but wanted to surprise the parentsContinue reading “All in the family *~Cousins~*”