Miss H ~*7 days fresh*~

I was excited to have yet another newborn girl scheduled in the books and mama was excited  knowing that all but one of my girls had arrived early this year.  When I got word that Miss H made her arrival a week early I laughed, especially when I got the “Thank you” from her mama! I wish I could take credit for her early arrival!

Miss H’s papa was unable to come to the session as my helper so mama brought along her best friend.  Wonderfully enough, I had photographed her best friends newborn girl just 2 weeks prior.  I was excited to hear that mama’s BFF would also be bringing her baby and the wheels started turning.  Hmmm, 1 week and 3 weeks old; would I be able to photograph them together? I had a set up in mind and hoped it would work!

Miss H was a dream; I loved it!  And mama was so helpful (and wanted to be helpful during the session) but I had to tell her to sit back and relax! My mama’s are there to relax and enjoy (and feed if need be!).  I like making the papa’s do the helping work- or whomever they bring with them!

After we “finished” Miss H’s session it was time to get the two future BFF’s in a photo!  (and wouldn’t you know, Miss A, who was quietly WIDE awake for almost her whole own session, was completely asleep this whole session!  Which worked out in my favour as I was able to photograph these sweethearts together.  Can you imagine 25 years from now they can look back and see they have these memories together and how cool that will be?  And it was incredible to visually see how much Miss A had grown in just 2 short weeks!

I look forward to watching Miss H & Miss A grow.  How wonderful for best friends to be off on maternity leave together 🙂

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