Miss Z ~*9 days fresh*~

I saw this little sweetheart the following day after Miss E.  While Miss E came in weighing a whopping 5 1/2 lbs, Miss Z was born almost 9 lbs,  9 days earlier.  So to say there was a difference is an understatement.  But she was SO incredible adorable.  I seriously wanted to kiss her chubby cheeks all day.  And she really loved being all snuggled and “squishy”.  So much so in fact, that I have given her a nickname (perhaps it will stick!) of “Squishy” (although I guess as a teenage girl I don’t think I’d want the nickname Squishy) 🙂

Her little rolley polley legs were just adorable.   And she also totally ROCKED her session- honestly I’ve been SO lucky! Her parents were so sweet and wonderful- and dad did an amazing job being my assistant! I really love having the dads involved in these sessions. Besides, mom just did all the hard work, let her sit back and relax and enjoy!  I also enjoy when parents bring items with them to their session that are meaningful and we get to incorporate them into the session.  When I first placed Miss Z into her jersey, she did fuss a little.  I replied to this fussing with “Don’t worry sweetie, I would fuss too if I was made to wear a Toronto Maple Leaf jersey” (we are, for sure, a Red Wing household). But when I snuggled her all up I got some huge smiles! *sigh* I guess she truly wants to be just like daddy and be a TO fan!

I truly have the most wonderful job- and the fact that so many trust me with their most precious gift, well that is just the icing on the delicious cake!


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