Baby Bump! ~*34 weeks*~

Ever notice that as time goes on, those who were younger than you, all of a sudden are the same age as you?  That is exactly how I feel when I think of my brother and sister!  I am the oldest of three, myself, my brother and then our baby sister.

As you may know, I have 2 daughters.  My sister has 2 sons.  (And my brother, well he has triplets (2 girls and a boy) and another girl on the way!)  When my sister announced she was pregnant, it was a bit of a surprise for all of us.  We were in the midst of planning her wedding which was going to be taking place in just a few short months.  (She got married in February and was an incredibly beautiful bride- half the time you can’t even tell she is 6 1/2 months pregnant!)

During my sister and brother in laws wedding speech they started talking about a secret they wished to share with everyone.  Since all in attendance were their closest friends and family they found it only fitting to be able to share this secret at that moment.  I looked at them with excited anticipation and thought “it better be the sex of the baby!” .   After a pause, for dramatic effect I am sure, they announced they were having a GIRL!  I slightly dread seeing the wedding video or photos during that moment as I think I may have lost my mind temporarily.  I was (and am) so excited! A sweet daughter for my sister (and another sweet girl for me to photograph!)

This pregnancy has been a bit of a roller coaster for my sister but she was kind enough to oblige when I asked if I could take a few belly shots one evening.

I am greatly looking forward to so many things: I will be photographing the birth of my newest niece when she decides to make her arrival, obviously taking her newborn photos and watching my sister become a mother to a little girl. (Boys are great, but having a girl is certainly different)

Only a few short weeks to go….or sooner!

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