The L Family ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~

I am quite a lucky person when it comes to a fantastic group of friends.  And one of the best things about some of those friends is that I had many of them since grade school.  We actually joke about it often as there are quite a few of us from my class.  When IContinue reading “The L Family ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~”

Happy 1st Birthday Mr C

To say that Mr C had the best eyes is such a vast understatement.  Honestly, I felt like he could see right into my soul and I could see in his sweet little one.  They were absolutely mesmerizing and I love, love, loved photographing them! As a funny story, while I was on Facebook oneContinue reading “Happy 1st Birthday Mr C”

Happy 1/2 Birthday Miss A

It’s always amazing to me how much a sweet little life can change in just a mere 6 months; from a totally dependent, vulnerable fresh baby, tiny and new into a smiley, interactive, still dependent but having their own thoughts and intentions.  Their beginning of their interaction with their parents and the world around themContinue reading “Happy 1/2 Birthday Miss A”

Mr C *~10 days fresh~*

When mama dropped off her contract to schedule her session, I knew we were going to get along great! I could tell we had many similar qualities and we had a great chat while she was here.  I started becoming anxious for her as I watched her due date come and go, and knew itContinue reading “Mr C *~10 days fresh~*”

Happy Birthday times THREE! Mr J, Mr G & Miss D!

Last year, when I was booking Christmas minis, I was contacted by a family who were blessed to have three little sweetpeas, three beautiful, wonderful sweetpeas.  Well this same beautiful family contacted me again to ask if I would photograph the three little sweeties for their first birthday! As some of you may know, ourContinue reading “Happy Birthday times THREE! Mr J, Mr G & Miss D!”