My Triplets Are One! ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~

For any of you who know me or follow my work, you know that our family has been greatly blessed in the baby department lately! Last year we welcomed my brothers triplets into our family- what an experience and ride it has been!
These three were my first birth photography experience (I was so lucky, fortunate, excited to be in the OR room during the cesarean section birth).  They also were my first NICU photoshoot experience as well (being part of the Tiny Footprints Project I have been blessed to photograph a number of children in the NICU).  I photographed them weekly in the NICU for 6 weeks.  I did their newborn photoshoot when they were almost 9 weeks old and just recently I photographed their FIRST birthday cake smash! Woah! I can’t believe how fast they have grown, how much they have changed and how amazing this past year was.

To look at them, you would never believe they entered this word at 2lbs 13oz, 3lbs 3oz and 3lbs 12oz!!

Not only did they turn one on June 3, but they all became big sisters and big brother when their parents welcome their little sister into the world on July 3.  (Don’t worry, her photos will be coming soon too)

Big J is a smiley smiler; and I have to say, he really loves me 🙂 Whenever I pop in, he is the first to be smiling and wanting to come see me.  When I leave, he is the first to pout and cry (aww break my heart).  And when I hold him, he just snuggles into me.  The girls, I can see they will have a little sass as they get older.  It is getting quite difficult to tell them apart right now- thank goodness at the moment, they have a distinguishing hemangioma! 🙂

Never did I think there would be this many grandchildren in our family!

*Dr Seuss clips, rompers & bowtie from Cassie-Belle Creations by Tara*

I love them to the moon and back.  A-JONATHAN-1-WEEK A-EMILY 1 WEEK A-ELIZABETH-WEEK-ONE


DSC_6692 copy

DSC_4090 copy DSC_4094 copy DSC_4101 copy DSC_4151 copyb DSC_4156 copy DSC_4163 copy DSC_4178 copy DSC_4188 copy DSC_4195 copy DSC_4202 copy DSC_4217 copy DSC_4221 copy DSC_4234 copy DSC_4248 copy DSC_4250 copy DSC_4256 copy DSC_4258 copy

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