My Neighbours :) ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~

My husband and I bought our house 10 years ago, we were just a mere 21 & 22 years old at the time (ok, totally just busted my age there) but we were young.  Looking back I can’t believe we bought a house – but it was the best decision for us.  We were filled with young excitement and dreams.  We both fell in love with our house immediately and knew after searching and searching this was “the one”.  Little did we know that not only our house was ‘the one’ but our neighbours were too.  We could not have asked for a better neighbourhood all these years.   To the right of our house lived a young family with 3 boys, at the time they were 8, 9 & 13 years old.  We watched these boys play basketball day after day on the street.  My husband occasionally joined in and felt like a super star when they would say “you should play for the NBA!” in awe after he sunk a shot from one side of our street.  (he totally enjoyed that!).  These boys were incredibly polite and sweet.  If their ball landed on our front lawn, rather than running on our lawn and grabbing it, they would walk all the way around, up our driveway and knock on our door to ask permission to go on our lawn to get it.  I remember telling them they didn’t have to ask to get it, it was ok to go ahead on our front lawn.  One year while decorating for Halloween they came over and helped me.  We watched them grow through their high school years and off to college.   And they are still wonderful young men (oh I feel old saying that!).  We were blessed.   And I am sure that Mom & Dad are incredibly proud of their sons (and they should be!)
We will certainly miss our neighbourhood when we move- but we hope the next couple who bought our house enjoys it just as much as we did (and our neighbours too!)

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One thought on “My Neighbours :) ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~

  1. From a beautiful couple and a great neighbor. We were expecting a big smile on our faces rather than tears in our eyes…. you said it so much for our family. Got us all emotional.

    All these years we never interacted as most neighbors do but mentally any geographically you were very close. You have always been in our prayers and thoughts.

    At first we thought that these kids going to be a real drama in the neighborhood. How will that effect our kids, but slowly we started to admire you both. Your parents must be proud of you. I salute them for raising such a wonderful couple.

    We will miss you all our lives. May God bless you with everything you ask for.

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