Mr G ~*9 days fresh~*

Nothing could make me happier than growing with a family.  Having a family trust me enough to continue to capture milestones in their lives.  Almost 2 years ago I photographed this cute little family of 3 as they prepared for mama and papa to say I Do.  Mr W was just a toddler but still full of such cuteness!  After having a sweet little engagement/family session we patiently waited for the big day to arrive.  I had such a fun time photographing their wedding; it was a gorgeous day with gorgeous people!  So when they messaged me to let me know that another bundle was on their way and they wanted me to capture this time, I was elated.  I don’t typically take sessions in the month of December but of course I made an exception for them!  And it was another sweet baby boy! And my oh my, is he ever a spittin’ image of his big brother!  He loved sleeping when his brother was around, but once big brother W left, he had worked up an appetite and wanted to eat! I still can’t believe how much he looks like his brother.  And I am honoured to have continued capturing these precious moments for this family!

*~Dark teal green basket stuffer by Khristines Kreations~*

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I specialize in birth photography and birth stories, with a strong base in love and family. I live to serve those in and surrounding Windsor/Essex County in Ontario, Canada. Check out more of my work at and or

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