Miss B ~*5 weeks fresh*~

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by a mom who was very excited to have her new baby’s photos done.  When I told her the information and that it was typically done between 4-14 days I could hear the disappointment as she repeated it back to me.  Her sweet daughter was just over 3Continue reading “Miss B ~*5 weeks fresh*~”

My Liliana ~*7 months*~ Windsor Family Photographer

We are blessed with a big family.  A big loving family.  I, myself, have 9 nieces and nephews. NINE! And 6 of them are under the age of 2! My baby sister has 2 sons and in 2014 she welcomed a little girl in the family! In the beginning she looked identical to her oldestContinue reading “My Liliana ~*7 months*~ Windsor Family Photographer”

Mr A ~*I”m One!*~ Windsor Cake Smash Photographer

I first met Mr A, along with all his family, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents back in the summer during an extended shoot. He was the cutest little thing….and not much has changed! It’s not always easy being a baby or a toddler, life is so new. Every experience is new and can be overwhelming takingContinue reading “Mr A ~*I”m One!*~ Windsor Cake Smash Photographer”

Waiting For Baby ~*36 weeks*~ Windsor Maternity Photographer

I love when people love snowy photos! And I love when parents to be choose to do maternity sessions.  I know as well as anyone, that being pregnant doesn’t always equate to self-thought beauty in the mind of the mama to be.  I’m not speaking directly for this mama, but in general I see this. Continue reading “Waiting For Baby ~*36 weeks*~ Windsor Maternity Photographer”

Miss A ~*12 days fresh*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer

A “couple” years ago, when I was just starting out, I was asked to do a portrait session by photographing a bunch of students on the night of their prom.  I met them at Willestead and I greatly enjoyed myself.  Imagine my surprise to hear from one of those girls asking about photographing her upcomingContinue reading “Miss A ~*12 days fresh*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer”

Miss M Turns One! ~*Windsor Cake Smash Photographer*~

I have known Miss M’s mama for a long time. She was just a sweet quiet tween and we shared the same love of bowling (yes, bowling).  Funny thing about growing up, is that once you reach a certain age, no matter the age gap, we all become the “same age”.  And I think havingContinue reading “Miss M Turns One! ~*Windsor Cake Smash Photographer*~”