Waiting For Baby ~*36 weeks*~ Windsor Maternity Photographer

I love when people love snowy photos! And I love when parents to be choose to do maternity sessions.  I know as well as anyone, that being pregnant doesn’t always equate to self-thought beauty in the mind of the mama to be.  I’m not speaking directly for this mama, but in general I see this.  There are so many changes that we go through, some more challenging than others.  And I often hear “I don’t want to do maternity because I don’t like how I look”.  But I also know how fast this goes by, how quick this moment goes and then it’s gone.  And once it’s gone, it can’t be brought back.  And although it my sound odd, my usual response is “I would rather you did the photos and wished you didn’t over not doing them, and wished you did”.

So when I get a request for maternity, it makes me happy.   And I get to capture beauty like this.  Excitement. Wonder. Love.   And there is something about watching a dad to be and how he looks at the mama.  The wonder and love and pure attraction is just beautiful.  And I hope that every mama I photograph sees this look in their eyes and recognizes it.  It’s a beautiful thing.
I cannot wait to photograph this little peanut! Only a couple more weeks to go!!


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I specialize in birth photography and birth stories, with a strong base in love and family. I live to serve those in and surrounding Windsor/Essex County in Ontario, Canada. Check out more of my work at www.facebook.com/clarissamariephotography and www.instagram.com/clarissamariephotography.birth or www.instagram.com/clarissamariephotography2507

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