Miss B ~*5 weeks fresh*~

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by a mom who was very excited to have her new baby’s photos done.  When I told her the information and that it was typically done between 4-14 days I could hear the disappointment as she repeated it back to me.  Her sweet daughter was just over 3 weeks at that time as she was unable to get them done before that.  I told her that I would still do the session but that there was a chance we could not get the sleepy curly posed photos that we get in the early days.  However, I would try.  And then I asked her name….and when she said her name, which is the same name as my daughter, I knew it was meant to be!
The day arrived and sweet Miss B arrived.  She was a sweet little porkchop! She weighed 9lbs 11oz at birth…and here we were 5 weeks later. Oh. My. Goodness. The cheeks! The rolls! I loved them.
With some gently shhshhshhing she was asleep.  And away we went.  I could feel my excitement growing with each shot and pose! We were getting it! She slept like a dream! And then when she awoke, she was a-wake! But it was great, because I got some very sweet wide-eyed shots too.
I love watching the dynamic between a new father and baby, especially a daughter.  And be-still my heart when I saw dad going through the headbands on the wall to choose the ones he thought would look best for his sweet daughter! *sigh* Cutest. Thing. Ever.
I super, really enjoyed meeting mama, papa and this sweet little babe.  She is absolutely precious.

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