Miss H ~*Easter Mini*~

Miss H was my lovely winner of my Easter Mini session and I’m so happy! She was a DOLL! I just loved her sweet little face. And it appears she may have liked me a bit too since she really didn’t want to leave. I ended up walking, hand in hand, with her all theContinue reading “Miss H ~*Easter Mini*~”

Mr B & Mr P~ 14 days fresh~ Windsor Newborn Photographer

It’s always so special to see how excited people are when they contact me to schedule a shoot.  I typically recommend to schedule the newborn session when mama-to-be is 18-22 weeks along, occasionally I will get a family who contacts me much earlier and that makes me smile.  I feel that shows just how excitingContinue reading “Mr B & Mr P~ 14 days fresh~ Windsor Newborn Photographer”

Mr C ~*6 months*~ Windsor Child Photographer

It was an ordeal getting to my studio this day! Apparently google decided that my studio was out near Sandwich and Riverside drive! Then my old address….and finally to my current studio these sweet clients made it! Snow and weather and all! And I hope they feel it was worth it….I certainly did! Mr CContinue reading “Mr C ~*6 months*~ Windsor Child Photographer”

Miss S ~*6 months*~ Windsor Child Photographer

A “few” years ago when I was in highschool, I was lucky enough to meet and be friends with a great, fun group of people (well, I guess depends who you ask will determine if it was “lucky” haha).  Recently one of these highschool friends contacted me about photographing her daughter. I hadn’t spoke withContinue reading “Miss S ~*6 months*~ Windsor Child Photographer”

Miss H ~*14 days fresh*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer

I met Miss H’s parents when I photographed them just a few short weeks before her debut.  I loved watching them together, loved seeing how doting dad-to-be was on his beautiful wife.  He was gentle and kind and always making sure she was ok.  And I see there will be no difference now that heContinue reading “Miss H ~*14 days fresh*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer”