Mr A ~*17 days fresh*~

When my oldest started daycare,  I always loved talking and getting to know the teachers. And why wouldn’t I? They essentially had my daughter for more waking hours during the week than I did, I wanted to get to know them the best I could.  Mr A’s mama was one of those teachers and IContinue reading “Mr A ~*17 days fresh*~”

Tess & Darin ~*33 weeks*~

I first met Tess when one of my best friends married her cousin.  She was and is, one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met. Her entire family, including her husband, is so talented it’s unbelievable. (If by chance her face looks familiar, her mother is an amazing artist and has used her as inspiration;Continue reading “Tess & Darin ~*33 weeks*~”

Miss J *~10 days fresh~*

I photographed Miss J’s big brother just a short time ago and was excited to hear that after 2 boys, this family was expecting their princess!  I just knew I had to do another baseball photo with her too!  And while big brother enjoyed being awake more than sleeping during his session, Miss J wasContinue reading “Miss J *~10 days fresh~*”

Miss Z I’m One!~*Cake Smash*~

I photographed Miss Z almost exactly one year ago and I was so excited to have her back in studio for her cake smash. She certainly did not lose her adorable cheeks that she had during her newborn session! She was so excited and happy to get to that cake, she even picked the wholeContinue reading “Miss Z I’m One!~*Cake Smash*~”

Miss R ~*6 months*~

I just love watching my clients grow~! Miss R is one of my dear babes on the grow with me plan and I enjoy seeing her every 3 months! It’s strange how slowly time will go except when you have scheduled appointments! Every time mama contacts me to say it’s time for the next photosContinue reading “Miss R ~*6 months*~”