Ashley & Jim Engagement ~*Windsor Wedding Photographer*~

This adorable couple came to me after a dear friend of theirs got them a gift certificate for this session- how sweet is that!? What I got during this session was that Jim seems like a very quiet, reserved sort of man but I think he really is a silly, funny guy….perhaps even a littleContinue reading “Ashley & Jim Engagement ~*Windsor Wedding Photographer*~”

Mr M ~*8 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer~*

I absolutely LOVED little Mr M’s wrinkles! He had such sweet “old man” wrinkles on his forehead and squishy ones on his back.  His sweet little lips and nose were just begging to be kissed! (I refrained, but I bet his family doesn’t!) 🙂  A few times I saw his eyes as he peeked upContinue reading “Mr M ~*8 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer~*”

Mr B *~9 days new~* Windsor Newborn Photographer

This sweet, tiny little boy was just that: tiny and sweet! He was just a little 5lbs of wonderful love!  He really loved staring at me initially ….and then off to dreamland he went and away we went!  I even got him in some of my props I don’t get to use much, but hisContinue reading “Mr B *~9 days new~* Windsor Newborn Photographer”

Matt & Mandy’s Engagement Session ~*Windsor Wedding Photographer*~

I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this beautiful family’s present & future.  Considering I’ve been friends with this beautiful mother and bride to be for 10 years! (and such a small world that I have known dad for even longer!).  I’ve watched her grow from a teenager into a confident, beautiful, wonderfulContinue reading “Matt & Mandy’s Engagement Session ~*Windsor Wedding Photographer*~”

Mr A *~9 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer

Mr A was a dream baby! 🙂  And it was so sweet to see him as I had photographed his sweet baby cousin just a couple weeks before!  Both mom and dad are Chemists so they brought along their books which we had to include! And I love, love science! His sweet eyelashes were absolutelyContinue reading “Mr A *~9 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer”

Happy 1st Birthday Miss K! ~*Windsor Child Photographer*~

Miss K had the most beautiful eyes! Her Gramma brought her to see me for her cake smash as a surprise for her mama and dada.  How cute! I totally loved her cute 2 little teeth on the bottom every time she smiled- which I’m happy she did before the cake smash! Since when itContinue reading “Happy 1st Birthday Miss K! ~*Windsor Child Photographer*~”

My Reason For Thanks <3

These two beauties are my reason for everything I do.  They, along with their little sister we are waiting to meet, are our world.  They bring us laughter and joy.  Tears and frustration.  Happiness. Love. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Miss I ~*10 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer*~

Miss I – after two handsome boys finally a princess for mommy and daddy!  I have to say that this little sweetheart looks exactly like her oldest brother!  I have known this little ones mommy since she was just a little girl, she is the younger sister of a dear, dear friend of mine thatContinue reading “Miss I ~*10 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer*~”

Mr S ~*10 months*~ Windsor Child Photographer

Talk about a wonderful family! Gosh. I just have the best job. I get to meet such amazing people, families and children! (and so cute too!) Mr S was so enthralled with the sand and the grass that I had to work my toosh off to get him to give me a glance or two! Continue reading “Mr S ~*10 months*~ Windsor Child Photographer”

Miss T ~*9 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer

Miss T was such a sweetheart! Which comes as no surprise since her parents are just about the nicest couple you could meet.  I met them a while back when I photographed them for their maternity session and I just LOVED watching how loving and caring dad was about his beautiful wife and the lookContinue reading “Miss T ~*9 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer”