What comes next….

When I asked whether I should stop in Montreal or go to old Quebec City, someone asked me “What are you going for?”. I replied “For adventure and to take photographs”.  They said “Well, if you want drugs and hookers, go to Montreal. If you want culture and experience, go to Quebec City”.  Well then! That was 1 point for Quebec City.  As I was approaching into Montreal (which, woah, if you’ve never driven there….it’s like Toronto, only I had NO CLUE where I was going) I saw a sign for gas.  Up until this point, gas had hovered around the $1.20 per liter mark (I was “so thankful” it jumped from $1.10ish to $1.20 just a day before my big road trip commenced!).  Well, in Montreal it jumped to $1.43 per liter! Um….nah….forget it. I’ll just have to skip the drugs and hookers this time around (kidding!~ obviously, I know that there are a million other things about Montreal, but I just chose to skip it this time) and kept driving right to old Quebec City.

I had decided to stay right downtown, just off the “strip”.   I rented a room (which was soooo big as you can see in the photo!).  As soon as I parked, I popped my things up to the room, grabbed my gear and headed around to look about.  It was incredible.  I loved being able to casually walk about, as slow or as quickly as I wished, stopping where and when to take photos of anything and everything.  I saw the horse drawn tours and immediately headed over.  I asked him the cost, his reply was “$90”.  I said Great! Lets go!  He had a bit of a shocked look and repeated the $90 fee (I am guessing, he may not have a ton of people be so excited over that fee and decline).  I said yes, I know, I’m ready! 🙂 Remember, I was on this trip for experience and to try new things, not “stuff” so I was ready for it!   I hopped on and away we went.  The tour was just over an hour long and I got to see all of old Quebec City as well as into the new part and parliament buildings.  It truly was an amazing tour.  He told me of some amazing places I must visit and we talked about his life as well.  Well worth the money!!!

I had him write the suggestions in my phone since his accent made it slightly tricky to know how to spell some of the places he was talking about!

He recommended this Poutine Restaurant for dinner, so I went. (Even though, before this day, I would have told you I was very un-Canadian and hated poutines!) But Oh. Em. Gee! This place was amazing. I sat at the window and watched as the city went from day light, to street lights and the continued hustle of the streets.




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I specialize in birth photography and birth stories, with a strong base in love and family. I live to serve those in and surrounding Windsor/Essex County in Ontario, Canada. Check out more of my work at www.facebook.com/clarissamariephotography and www.instagram.com/clarissamariephotography.birth or www.instagram.com/clarissamariephotography2507

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  1. We as your paŕents are so proud of you and all your courage, strength and ambition! Your blogs are so impressive and we look forward to reading and viewing more!

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