Journey To Find Myself; Day 6

Early the next morning I got in the car to go to Hopewell Rocks.  It is the location of the highest and lowest tides in the world.  There is an approximately 6 hour time span that you can walk the ocean floor and explore.  The tides change over 30 feet! It’s incredible.  I made sure I timed it to be there at low tide first.  I decided to take some self portraits so I found a great place and found a dry rock to put my extra camera gear. I did not anticipate how muddy and wet (come on, blond moment! How could the ocean floor NOT be those things??) and jumping up on this rock proved to be a challenge.  Even more so because my batteries in my remote died and I had to use the camera timer to take the photo which meant I had to push the button and run to my spot quickly!!!  I set my tripod up and took these images; in a matter of FOUR minutes (seriously, even my data on my images tells me the times).  I happen to look over and there is my extra gear COMPLETELY surrounded by water.  I would say another minute and it would have been washed away.  Of course, I had to take a photo with my phone then quickly hiked up my pants and ran through the water to grab my bag. It was absolutely hilarious and terrifying at the same time! (If you look at my selfies you can actually see the water coming in) I could not get over how quickly the tide came back in.  I actually sat on the ocean floor for about an hour. Basking in the sun and journaling. It was incredibly serene, even with hundreds of people around me exploring.

I went back up to the welcome center, ate some lunch and had a nap in my van while I waited for the tide to come completely back in. I set my alarm so I could be back there at the exact moment the tide was at it’s highest.  It was amazing to see where I had just been sitting and walking around, under millions of gallons of water! (although, I’m glad I didn’t arrive at high tide, because it is *kinda* boring since there’s not much to do! 🙂


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