I’m working on a new ME!

2CD45960-A14B-41D4-A365-6626D668A2A9The last couple years I’ve been under construction. My life exploded, or imploded, both can be held true and truly, me as a person, and the life I had known underwent monumental changes and certain aspects within my life had to take a seat for a moment.  Photography wasn’t one of them, but tasks such as my website did.

I continued shooting, on a bit of a decreased level, but held strong on my passion for capturing moments. That never wavered.

You can see more of my current work on my Instagram account @clarissamariephotography2507 or my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ClarissaMariephotography

So here we are…2020, the start of a new decade and the beginning (again) of this passion. I’m working on myself, as a business owner, as well as my business to create exactly what I love and give you the very best of me.

I’ve got big plans and a list of “To Do’s” that are my focus and so here we are. I’m still in business. I’m still passionate. I still love what I do.  I’ve streamlined my focus a bit more; and where my intense passion lies, what fuels my fire of my soul and will be running with it. And I’m so excited to share it all!

I am so thankful for all of my clients, my friends, family and those who have given me support to have continued on this amazing ride with me!  Let’s do this!



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