In Someone Else’s Words

It’s no secret, to anyone who has met me or spoken with me, that what fuels my soul is making others happy.  I strive, every shoot, to give all the emotion surrounding the day, within my photos.  In my heart, I am not “just your photographer”, I become friends and connect with my clients on a deeper level.  And I want this.  I want to connect with others, in fact, not just within photography.  Emotional connections are so important in this world; especially in this day with everything we are inundated with that counteracts connections.  When I hear that I have succeeded on this level, it truly brings me to tears, humbles me and pushes me knowing, this is what I was meant to do.  This incredibly amazing message was emailed to me from a recent birth client.  I read it out loud to loved one and I almost couldn’t get through it.  I began to choke up as I realized exactly what I hope for, what I desire for my clients to feel, did indeed happen.  In the words of one of my birth clients…..

I would like to take this opportunity to discuss how special Clarissa is and how her talent and her soul impacted my surrogacy birth.

I first met Clarissa at a coffee shop to discuss details of birth/maternity photography options. I was nervous as not all people are surrogacy friendly. Well, my nerves dissipated  quickly as we began to talk and it felt like talking to a close friend. Her, in person exceeded my expectations.
I left our meeting feeling like I had just made a lifetime friend that was excited and so supportive of this pregnancy and the journey that will unfold for the baby’s fathers. Once I told the Intended Fathers about the epic soul I had just met they were sold on not only her services but Clarissa as a person. She would help us capture this journey of making a family. My guys live in France so this is such a huge part of our plan as only one Dad could be here in Canada at the time of birth. The other Dad and big brother would be in France so that made Clarissa’s role so important to us.
At our maternity shoot it was like a couple friends were hanging out taking fun pictures, we just had a connection and she understood that this shoot was not about me but about the baby I was growing and the family that awaited him. I was so comfortable with her and that comes through in all the photos, she allowed my happiness and pride in what I was doing to really shine through.
We had a plan for birth with a date for induction and all of our ducks in a row, or so we thought. As birth goes, the baby boy had his own plan and came one day before induction. I was so worried that Clarissa may not make it but she changed her schedule and got to the hospital to be a part of our big day. That day she was not someone we hired, she was a friend and a support through the hours leading up to the birth. Her heart and her spirit is exactly what is needed in this type of atmosphere. Not once did we feel like a job to her and she captured all of the moments and all of the love in that room.
When I had my own two children, birth photography was not really an option like it is today and after my experience with Clarissa I cannot say enough about it. I so wish I had these amazing memories with my own children. I highly recommend this to any and all families for their birth, you will be so happy with the results, but most of all, the memories.
It was after we received our edited pictures and Clarissa made some posts of our birth on social media that it really hit me, how special she truly is. She remember things I had said at the time some of the photos were taken. I had zero recollection of a lot of the moments as I hemorrhaged after the birth so my memory of that day and all that occurred was missing pieces that Clarissa so amazingly filled in. It is such an emotionally charged day and is always such a blur, the photos are just so special to be able to look back at and share with others. She was not just in the room, she was not just taking pictures, she was fully engaged and in the moment, feeling our experience as we were. I am so utterly thankful for Clarissa and her spirit. I feel so lucky to have found her to be a part of this surrogacy journey with us and I know that not all photographers could measure up to what is expected of them on a day like birth, let alone a surrogate birth. But Clarissa did not disappoint on any level, she is a rare gem. 
 I am able to look back at these pictures and now and know even words that were being said. I get to relive the love that was felt in that room over and over.  We were able to have a special moment in France, together with the other Dad and big brother showing them the captured moments. The beautiful slide show that Clarissa created brought me to tears as I felt that day all over again. These photographs allowed us all to share in the epic experience of this new life coming into the world and joining their family.
If you think you do not need birth photos, you are so wrong. Clarissa will impact you and your birth experience like no other human can. I highly recommend her and her skills to be a part of your birth story. I am so thankful to have her as a part of ours.
Erin Bolton
Proud Surrogate 
Thank you Erin! You have no idea what your words, and our bond, mean to me! 

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2 thoughts on “In Someone Else’s Words

  1. We are so proud of Clarissa’s amazing work and to hear about how she has a positive impact on many lives, as her parents we thankyou for your kind words toward Clarissa as a photographer, a friend, and an awesome lady! Congratulations on giving a gift of life for another family. You are a blessing.

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