Who Is Clarissa Marie?

A little self portrait sitting on the bottom of the ocean in Halifax, Canada

I am Clarissa Marie

I  specialize in birth stories, maternity and newborn, with a strong base in “Love”; couples, engagements,
weddings. Over the years, my passion for capturing new life and love took a front seat. Birth and weddings,
children and families feeds my soul and inspires me every single day. I am based near Belle River, Ontario, Canada serving Windsor/Essex/Chatham-Kent/Amherstburg and surrounding areas.

Overlooking the ocean in Prince Edward Island
Pregnant with my last and final babe
Photo Credit: Jillian Wilhelm Photography (http://jillianwilhelmphotography.com/)
Those first few moments after birth; peace and awe. My final babe in my arms
Photo Credit: Sarah with SB Photography (https://www.facebook.com/SarahBarichellophotography/)
Sweet little D, one of my beautiful newborn clients in my studio
One of my birth clients, twins born 6 weeks early, and their first moments in the NICU
Windsor, Ontario homebirth. Support comes from all around.
Hello World! Cesarean section birth at Windsor Regional Hospital, Windsor, Ontario

When I started

I started into the professional photography world in 2010 by going back to school.  I began to learn about my camera, shooting in manual,
understanding light, composition and editing. I
officially started my business in 2013 with a focus more on newborns, children & weddings. As a mother of four children, I know how quickly life seems to roll by as they grow. I also know that as life rolls by, sometimes our memories of events and occurrences begin to fade and I take great pleasure in preserving these memories for generations to share.

My Why

I am blessed with four beautiful children here on earth, and 2 beautiful angels in the sky. As a mother, we tend to miss out on a lot while we focus on all the things we need to do.  One of the greatest, strongest things we can do is bring new life into this world. During birth, we are so focused on this intense job, that we can forget or totally miss all of the details surrounding it.  I give these feelings; the details, the emotions, a tangible memory to look back and cherish. Life changes…..FAST and sometimes hard. And there may come a time where a photograph is all we have to bring back the memory.  Our photos may
temporarily be for US, but TRULY, they’re for
everyone we cherish in our hearts, our legacy to those we love.   I’m so thankful to all the wonderful
support I have encountered on my journey.

More About Me

I love Coca Cola (a little too much!). I am an extrovert. I’m an introvert. (Weird how it can be both ways!).  I have 3 daughters on earth,a son in the skies and a bonus son on earth. I haven’t eaten red meat or pork since I was 11 years old. My favourite drink (aside from Coca Cola) is lemonade. I have never eaten a cheeseburger.  Ever. (or a Big Mac, Whopper, Quarter Pounder…the list goes on).  I love anything to do with science and medicine.  I had my appendix out during an exploratory surgery because it had a stone in it (I sadly, did not get to see the stone!).  I’m a retired Registered Veterinary Technician (16 years in the field!). I love being on a boat. I hate the heat. I am afraid of going into water that I cannot see through. Most of my friends I’ve had since Kindergarten. I would love a dozen
children!  I am a huge believer in the Pay It
Forward premise. I love doing random acts of
kindness- I just wish I was able to do it all the time! But I do them as often as I can-I think what you put into this world is what you get out of it. I love
weddings- I would attend one every weekend just to see the décor and style and feel the love and
commitment. Newborn cries do not bother me, I love hearing their little voices. I love their smell and snuggling them.

My Passion

Truthfully, where my passion lies in the ability to give my clients the chance to feel the waves of emotions
surrounding the incredible moments of their lives without struggling to remember them.  I pride myself in connecting with my clients in a calming, genuine and fulfilling manner and I want my clients to feel
empowered by their choices and comfort knowing my support and decisions are based upon their wishes; in line with my core.

Tiny Footprints Project

I also am a photographer of the Tiny Footprints
Project. The project has photographers from around the continent who photograph babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) at no charge to the
families. A typical newborn shoot is done in the first 10-14 days of life. The idea is that just because the baby (or babies) are in the NICU, why can’t they have photographs as well? Its a beautiful project and I am more than happy to be part of it.

Angel Sessions

I dedicate and volunteer my heart and passion into what I call, Angel sessions.  Our memories, and what most people hire me for, are to remember the laughter, the excitement, the smiles.  Devastatingly, that is not always the case when a baby is born to this world far too early, a family knows their child will be born with wings or earn them shortly after birth or something happens during birth causing a baby to earn their angel wings.  On occasion, I will be
contacted by a family or by hospital staff to ask me if I am able to provide an Angel session. I give my heart to these families to give them the only tangible memory of their little one. And I hold an incredible soft spot in my heart for each and every family I have met through the years.

Thank you for inviting me into your world, into your lives and letting me tell your story.

xo Clarissa Marie

I hope all my clients see their beauty in the same way I do
Windsor, Ontario hospital birth at Windsor Regional Hospital

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10 thoughts on “Who Is Clarissa Marie?

  1. Hi i just had a new born baby girl and I was wondering how much you charge for new born shoots and if you have available times?

  2. Hello, I was just inquiring your prices on a newborn photo shoot. We have friends who were not able to have a baby and they finally found a surrogate mother, there baby is due in novemeber and I reviewed all your photos and thought what a great gift that would be for them. Just wondering your prices and do you give gift certificates?


  3. I am a single mom of two little boys and i was looking to get their photos done! As well as get some photos of our small family! Id just like to know your prices:)

  4. Hi,

    I am wondering how much you charge for new born pictures? Do you charge extra to get some pictures with a sibling as well?
    I look forward to hearing back from you.


  5. Hi how are you. I was interested in new born pictures and possibly maternity photos if you do them. If you could let me know your prices please. Thank you

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