Happy 1st Birthday Mr I!

Oh this handsome fella….a masculine spitting image of his big sister! I have been photographing this family and their children since big sister was just a few days old….over 4 years now! Not only have they become amazing clients, but amazing friends as well.  Mom, she is insanely crafty and sweet and talented and IContinue reading “Happy 1st Birthday Mr I!”

Happy 40th Birthday Katherine!

I’ve known Katherine for a number of years and have been photographing her children and family on numerous occasions.  We both worked in the Veterinary field and share a love of humour and animals. She’s always been a hilarious woman, so when she asked me to photograph her for her 40th birthday, cake smash style,Continue reading “Happy 40th Birthday Katherine!”

Mr I Heads off to JK!

With a slight tear in my eye, I photographed this sweetheart earlier this year.  I have literally been photographing him since he was in the womb and every year since and here he is, 4 years later and about to start JK!  He is so sweet and vibrant and funny- such a joy to see. Continue reading “Mr I Heads off to JK!”

Miss A Turns One ~*Windsor Child Photographer*~

Oh how I’ve enjoyed this past year with this little one! And I always enjoy the company of her mama! I first met her mama a “couple” years ago when I photographed her for her prom! She is just as beautiful and stunning as the day I met her, and no surprise her daughter isContinue reading “Miss A Turns One ~*Windsor Child Photographer*~”

Miss M Is TWO! ~*Windsor Child Photographer*~

Once again, another one of “my” babies! Maternity, newborn, throughout the first year, cake smash, family and here we are, 2nd year birthday photos! 🙂 I love that I have done the same pose with her parents and her 5 times now- belly to belly, belly to belly with baby in between, then 6 month,Continue reading “Miss M Is TWO! ~*Windsor Child Photographer*~”

Miss H Turns One! ~*Windsor Cake Smash Photographer*~

Another one of my sweet first year graduates! This is the 5th session I’ve had with this beautiful family; Maternity, Newborn, 6 Month, Family Christmas and now Cake Smash! And I have grown to love them so much! Miss H has always been what I’ve called my little Cabbage Patch Doll. Her eyes and sweetContinue reading “Miss H Turns One! ~*Windsor Cake Smash Photographer*~”

Miss R Turns One! ~*Windsor Cake Smash Photographer*~

Miss R has been one of my Grow With Me babies that I have seen every 3 months since she was in the womb! Her hair has been one of the most incredible heads of hair since she was a newborn! And her eyes….sigh….they truly are this blue and adorable! She loved her cake, inContinue reading “Miss R Turns One! ~*Windsor Cake Smash Photographer*~”

Miss C Turns ONE! ~*Windsor Cake Smash Photographer*~

Miss C was back again with her beautiful parents for her cake smash! Why does time go so quickly when children are involved? I feel like a broken record saying it, but seriously! Having photographed her over this past year was just so fun! She is just so beautiful with her long lashes and herContinue reading “Miss C Turns ONE! ~*Windsor Cake Smash Photographer*~”

Happy 1st Birthday Miss K! ~*Windsor Child Photographer*~

Miss K had the most beautiful eyes! Her Gramma brought her to see me for her cake smash as a surprise for her mama and dada.  How cute! I totally loved her cute 2 little teeth on the bottom every time she smiled- which I’m happy she did before the cake smash! Since when itContinue reading “Happy 1st Birthday Miss K! ~*Windsor Child Photographer*~”

The T Family ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~

I love seeing my newborns again! A “couple” years ago I used to work with this beautiful mama before she left the animal field to cross over to the “human world”. 🙂 It’s been a little while since I saw her and I was so happy to see the little man since his newborn session!Continue reading “The T Family ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~”