Miss M Turns One! ~*Windsor Cake Smash Photographer*~

I have known Miss M’s mama for a long time. She was just a sweet quiet tween and we shared the same love of bowling (yes, bowling).  Funny thing about growing up, is that once you reach a certain age, no matter the age gap, we all become the “same age”.  And I think havingContinue reading “Miss M Turns One! ~*Windsor Cake Smash Photographer*~”

Happy 1st Mr A ~*Windsor Cake Smash Photographer*~

It took Mr A about 90 seconds to really start to warm up, and about 5 more minutes before he wanted to explore.  His eyes and cheeks were just screaming “I’m too cute to not snuggle”!  His mama told me they were having a blue, silver & white snowflake party so I went with it!Continue reading “Happy 1st Mr A ~*Windsor Cake Smash Photographer*~”

Happy Birthday Mr A ~* Windsor Cake Smash Photographer*~

I love my job. There is no way around that statement to make it untrue.  I love that my friends and family trust me enough to photograph them and I love that perfect strangers trust me enough to come to me without knowing me.  I love that friends of mine, who no longer live inContinue reading “Happy Birthday Mr A ~* Windsor Cake Smash Photographer*~”

Happy 1st Birthday Miss L ~*Windsor Cake Smash Photographer*~

I photographed Miss L almost exactly one year ago (364 days ago!) for her newborn session- and I am always still blown away what a difference a year makes.  She was so teeny tiny and now she is so rolley polley!  I love her little smile with her little teeth showing! We “recreated” a coupleContinue reading “Happy 1st Birthday Miss L ~*Windsor Cake Smash Photographer*~”