My best friend got married this year. And I can’t even explain how excited I am that I was the one to capture it. I first met Ben over a decade ago when I was working as a Registered Veterinary Technician and he began to bring his dogs to my clinic.  I can vividly rememberContinue reading

What comes next….

When I asked whether I should stop in Montreal or go to old Quebec City, someone asked me “What are you going for?”. I replied “For adventure and to take photographs”.  They said “Well, if you want drugs and hookers, go to Montreal. If you want culture and experience, go to Quebec City”.  Well then!Continue reading “What comes next….”

Mr I Heads off to JK!

With a slight tear in my eye, I photographed this sweetheart earlier this year.  I have literally been photographing him since he was in the womb and every year since and here he is, 4 years later and about to start JK!  He is so sweet and vibrant and funny- such a joy to see. Continue reading “Mr I Heads off to JK!”

The Gift ~*Surrogacy*~

Earlier this year I had the amazing pleasure to photograph the birth of a set of twins who were born via a surrogate.  When I arrived at the hospital the excitement and ease of the room was incredible.  The surrogate mother was so easy going, laughing and enjoying this time.  She might have had anContinue reading “The Gift ~*Surrogacy*~”

It’s Prom Time!

When I met Ashton for the first time, he was but a mere young boy.  A sweet, well mannered boy.  He was the *little brother* of a dear friend of mine who met him through the organization.  Over the years we have watched him grow into a fine young man, sometimes I cannot believe howContinue reading “It’s Prom Time!”

Happy Easter! Hopping For Hospice

On April 5th I teamed up with Sweetheart Baby Boutique to do Easter photos with the Easter bunny.  I was able to set up a mini studio like scene at Maraget’s store, Sweetheart Baby Boutique and waited for the clients. We weren’t entirely sure how it would all go or how busy we would be,Continue reading “Happy Easter! Hopping For Hospice”

Preston ~*Senior Grad Shoot*~

I was first introduced to a member of this family many years ago when one of my best friends was a Big Brother.  I feel I have watched this “Little Brother” grow from a little child to a wonderful young man, who has been a wonderful example to his younger brother, respectful, honourable, intelligent, winningContinue reading “Preston ~*Senior Grad Shoot*~”

*~Zeus~* The World’s Tallest Dog

Recently over the weekend a fundraiser was held called “WOOFA ROO”.  It was an amazing event full of information, fun, entertainment and excitement.  The money raised went to animal charities such as The Windsor Essex County Humane Society. I was honoured that I was asked to be part of this event and excited to beContinue reading “*~Zeus~* The World’s Tallest Dog”

Angela & Matthew ~*Happy 1st Anniversary*~

Angela and I have been friends from a long time….and now that I am thinking about it, it’s about 15 years!  I am a couple years older than her and so I have a bit of a “big sister” feeling when I think of our friendship over the years.  I have watched her grow fromContinue reading “Angela & Matthew ~*Happy 1st Anniversary*~”


I have worked at my veterinary clinic for more than 10 years (I started there young) 🙂  We are a tight bunch of co-workers, having less than 10 of us working closely every day.  Our sweet groomer had been talking about this prom- and I offered to shoot the preparation, beauty and excitement of theContinue reading “Prom!”