Happy Father’s Day! ~*Windsor Child Photographer*~

I forgot to post these! Just before Father’s day one of my wonderful clients asked me to do a shoot with her boys as a surprise to her husband.  I have photographed this family on multiple occasions; including their wedding and their newest additions newborn session so I was excited to see them again.  MyContinue reading “Happy Father’s Day! ~*Windsor Child Photographer*~”

Miss H ~*Easter Mini*~

Miss H was my lovely winner of my Easter Mini session and I’m so happy! She was a DOLL! I just loved her sweet little face. And it appears she may have liked me a bit too since she really didn’t want to leave. I ended up walking, hand in hand, with her all theContinue reading “Miss H ~*Easter Mini*~”

Extra Holidays!

  I had a couple extra holiday mini clients after I moved into my new home. I photographed these sweet twins (yes, they are twins!) when they were in their mama’s belly and then again when they were just a few days old.  I love their individual little personalities! They were (eventually) excited to beContinue reading “Extra Holidays!”

Happy Easter Cousin!

I recently had the extreme pleasure of not only seeing one of my recent newborn girls again, but she brought along her two older cousins who were equally adorable!  Miss L seemed to take quite the liking to me, she wanted to sit with me the whole time (when we weren’t shooting) and even agreedContinue reading “Happy Easter Cousin!”

Holiday Mini Marathon

This year I hosted my Christmas Holiday mini sessions outdoors and opened them up to the whole immediate family.  I was very lucky to be privy to a private location to provide a variety of set ups to my clients.  And we were so lucky to have such wonderful weather on the days the miniContinue reading “Holiday Mini Marathon”

Mr I and His Family

Once again, Mr I brought his family to Windsor to see me and once again, I was thrilled to see them again.  I have children, I have nieces and nephews and I see how quickly they grow.  But it always amazes me to see my clients and how quickly they grow!  My youngest daughter isContinue reading “Mr I and His Family”

Miss A’s 1st Birthday

I have been friends with this little darling’s mother since we were 5 years old and our families lived just around the block. Growing up we were inseparable – I think we saw each other every single day!  Although I have my memories there may be a time that my brain has more difficulty retrieving them.    TheContinue reading “Miss A’s 1st Birthday”

Holiday Time

I’ve never been one to be able to get my Christmas shopping done early (or even start early!) and my holiday season usually entails last minute shopping, rushing through the crowds trying to get in and out as fast as I could. If I started my Christmas shopping before December 10th, it was an early,Continue reading “Holiday Time”