My Neighbours :) ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~

My husband and I bought our house 10 years ago, we were just a mere 21 & 22 years old at the time (ok, totally just busted my age there) but we were young.  Looking back I can’t believe we bought a house – but it was the best decision for us.  We were filledContinue reading “My Neighbours 🙂 ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~”

It’s Prom Time!

When I met Ashton for the first time, he was but a mere young boy.  A sweet, well mannered boy.  He was the *little brother* of a dear friend of mine who met him through the organization.  Over the years we have watched him grow into a fine young man, sometimes I cannot believe howContinue reading “It’s Prom Time!”

Photos For Gramma!

I spent an afternoon with 4 handsome guys as we took photos as a present for their grandmother. I asked that the three older boys brought an item that was a representation of who they were.  Two of the boys are very talented musicians  and the other was a skilled table tennis player. There “tools”Continue reading “Photos For Gramma!”

Preston ~*Senior Grad Shoot*~

I was first introduced to a member of this family many years ago when one of my best friends was a Big Brother.  I feel I have watched this “Little Brother” grow from a little child to a wonderful young man, who has been a wonderful example to his younger brother, respectful, honourable, intelligent, winningContinue reading “Preston ~*Senior Grad Shoot*~”


I have worked at my veterinary clinic for more than 10 years (I started there young) 🙂  We are a tight bunch of co-workers, having less than 10 of us working closely every day.  Our sweet groomer had been talking about this prom- and I offered to shoot the preparation, beauty and excitement of theContinue reading “Prom!”

Young Beauty

Miss K’s mother not only wanted photos of her sweet new son, but she also scheduled a shoot of her beautiful daughter.  Miss K is 12 years old which is slightly older than my last few girls I have photographed!  I welcomed a new ‘challenge’ of finding a perfect balance for shots, not too juvenileContinue reading “Young Beauty”