Mr R *~14 days new~*

Another handsome little babe! Another beautiful sibling that I’m blessed to photograph. I first met mom and dad when they were pregnant with big sister and I photographed their anticipation of becoming parents.  They trusted me enough to capture her newborn and all throughout her life so far, so imagine my excitement when mom contactedContinue reading “Mr R *~14 days new~*”

Mr H *~13 days new~*

Watching families grow is one of the best parts of my job, and when it’s for people I already love, it’s even more special! I was honoured yet again to be asked to photograph a new sibling for their newborn session!  Big brother S was just a little guy when I had him in studioContinue reading “Mr H *~13 days new~*”

Waiting For Little Brother

I first met this beautiful couple a few years back when I photographed their maternity session for their first, then multiple times from newborn through Miss H’s life so of course, I was pumped when they contacted me and told me they were expecting again! And this time….a little brother! 🙂 Miss H was sleepyContinue reading “Waiting For Little Brother”

The R Family ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~

I love this little man! I photographed him when he was just a wee 5lbs for his newborn session and we did a family session for his one year! His smile and his little toddle as he walks just melts hearts. Mama does some photography herself, especially for reporting so she took photos of himContinue reading “The R Family ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~”

The D Family ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~

This is the 5th time I have had the chance to photograph this lovely family; maternity, newborn, 6 month, cake smash and finally a fall family session.  Sometimes I see my little babies and how they’ve grown and they look so different from their newborn stage; Mr E is not one of those! He hasContinue reading “The D Family ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~”

Miss A’s 1/2 birthday ~*Windsor Child Photographer*~

Sweet, adorable Miss A is one of my (many) little cousins- 2nd cousin in fact- we’ve got a VERY big family and there are lots of us!  She is a tough cookie to crack into the smiles, but regardless, she is an absolute cabbage patch doll! Her eyes are ridiculously amazing- and I could justContinue reading “Miss A’s 1/2 birthday ~*Windsor Child Photographer*~”

Mr A *~Cake Smash*~ Windsor Cake Smash Photographer

I first met Mr A and his family last year during my Christmas mini session (I had met his mama when she helped with her triplet nephew and nieces photoshoots!) They are just about the sweetest, nicest people you will ever encounter.  It comes as no surprise to me that Mr A is just asContinue reading “Mr A *~Cake Smash*~ Windsor Cake Smash Photographer”

Mr L’s Cake Smash! ~Windsor Cake Smash Photographer~

I first met Mr L’s mama a few years ago when I purchased a couple photography items from her, she was running a business making headbands and I love supporting local businesses.  I then photographed his big sister for her cake smash.  Here we are now, Mr L is turning one and it was hisContinue reading “Mr L’s Cake Smash! ~Windsor Cake Smash Photographer~”

Mr E Turns One! ~Windsor Cake Smash Photographer~

I have been photographing Mr E. since he was in the womb! And I have loved watching him grow over this first year.  Some times, my babies look very different from when they were newborns, and other times, like with Mr E, they look exactly like they did as a newborn….only bigger! His sweet cheeksContinue reading “Mr E Turns One! ~Windsor Cake Smash Photographer~”

Miss Z I’m One!~*Cake Smash*~

I photographed Miss Z almost exactly one year ago and I was so excited to have her back in studio for her cake smash. She certainly did not lose her adorable cheeks that she had during her newborn session! She was so excited and happy to get to that cake, she even picked the wholeContinue reading “Miss Z I’m One!~*Cake Smash*~”